Are you looking for a trek to do in the monsoon? The triund trek is the best ideal trek to do in the monsoon. The best part of this trek is that it is short and easy to moderate. Triund trek is popularly well known and the most simple trek nestled in the foothills of the dhauladhar range. It is truly a wonderful destination for beginners and gives you a panoramic view of the dhauladhar range and Kangra valley. embark with your fellows in these inclined trials and make your weekend memorable. 


Triund trek is open throughout the year but April to September is the most preferable time. The weather is always pleasant but it can be freaking cold in the evening. for triund brilliance, the season of spring and summer are the best. You can either try it out in winter which will increase the adventure and thrill of the trek. In monsoon you should perform the trek under the supervision of a professional guide because the path can be slippery, getting a guide will lead you and give you directions. 





Triund trek offers breathtaking scenic vistas of the giant dhauladhar range covered with snow and the pleasant Kangra valley. It is one of the shortest and simplest treks in the region of Himachal Pradesh. It is just a two-day hike and can be easily completed over the weekend. People from  Chandigarh and Delhi often visit this place to get peace far away from their busy noisy lives. experience the Himalayan tranquility and mesmerizing beauty. The steep ascends countless times will give you adventure and give you countless adrenaline thrills. 


The track is well defined and can be easily identified starting from Dharam Kot. Then passing through some dense forests of pine, oak, deodar, and rhododendron can be a bit confusing so it is beneficial to hire a guide and be under his supervision or you can get misled. It is an 18 km trek and worth experiencing. The trek will only take 6 hours to reach the summit and you can pitch your tent in the wide meadows and acclimatize or there is another hike to the top of the mountain you can trek further also.

The dhauladhar range reaching the sky looks like a guardian covering you, if you want to see a carpet of snow visit the triund in January or you want to see clear surroundings and lush green meadows in pleasant weather, try it in April or May. Dharam Kot is nearly half an hour’s drive away from dharamshahourtriumd trek can elevate you to the height of 9350 ft. Imagine the bewitching sunset and sunrise from this place with your closest group of people. 



If you are planning for this trek, a tent is the most important thing you should be carrying. If you don’t have one, you can get one in the triund itself. You can easily get it for 500₹ in triund. also, carry a sleeping bag that can keep you warm at zero degrees as well. You can get a foam pad for tents and some liner for cleanliness. Also, remember that there are no facilities for toilets or restrooms so you have to be prepared for that. there are no networks in the region so call it off to the world for the day until you descend backward. 



take a flight to Dharamshala from Delhi or you can get a connecting flight. If you are planning by road then you can reach Dharamshala by an overnight bus from Delhi, and hire a taxi to Dharam Kot. or you can hire a cab from Delhi. If you are planning to travel by train, the nearest railway station is Pathankot, which is 3 hours away from Dharamshala. you can get Delhi Pathankot superfast express. although Pathankot is well connected to major cities. 



It is the easiest trek in Himachal Pradesh and can be done on your own. Your starting point can be the gallu Devi shrine. Nothing is challenging in this hike but there is something to keep in mind, you will witness slick rocks and stones which can harm you, wearing hiking shoes of good quality can make your path comfortable. 

temperature can hit you hard even in summers as you will be camping very close to the snowy mountains so bring warm clothes to the trek. 


The view of glaciers, panoramic vistas of valleys, lush green meadows, and having tea and maggie outside the camps over a weekend is something you can’t miss. 


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