How To Attract Wealth? – Astro and Vastu Tips

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Health and happiness are considered the most treasured possessions of man but do you know something else that is even more essential in this age? Yes, you guessed it right. Money or wealth. People across the world are working day and night, running here and there, putting in efforts, what for? Money. Money lends us the potential to buy anything and everything. 


People say that if you are hardworking and patient, it will come to you. But sometimes this is not enough. Luck plays a big role. You could be the most hardworking and intelligent person in the room but if you are unlucky or there is any fault in your star, you will face a money crunch. You will know this when you chat with astrologer. So what, should we stop trying and give up? No, that is not even the option as it is crucial for survival. 


When everything else fails, people resort to astrology to find solutions, remedies, and answers to their questions and perplexities. Astrology is a science that is backed by logic and the belief that the exact placement of the planets and stars during the time of birth of an individual defines their life path, career, studies, moods, character, and everything else. It is the study of planetary movements and how they influence human life. 


So if you are someone facing a money crunch now and then and if your earned money does not stay near for long or if it does not come easily to you, you can consider the chat with astrologer online route because let’s face it, astrology has all the answers. A good astrologer can suggest remedies and solutions that can help with your problems. 


Here are some astrological tips that can help with a money crunch:


  • The Northeast corner of your home should always be kept neat. In no case should it be left dirty. This corner is considered to be a holy one and it is suggested by astrologers on astro chat to place a home temple here. By keeping this space clean, peace, prosperity, and happiness in the home stay intact. 


  • Astrology advises against putting thorny or milk-producing, poisonous plants in the house as they are known to negatively affect the health of the residents in the house and are considered inauspicious for the wealth of the people of the house. 


  • The bathroom and toilet doors should be kept tightly closed as they can harm the health and wealth of the people of the house. Ensure all doors are tightly closed otherwise it can adversely affect your financial condition. 


  • As per online astrology, the broom of the house is regarded as a symbol of Lakshmi. It is advised to always keep it hidden and never place it near the place of wealth or worship. 


  • If you are facing money problems, they can be overcome by using the remedy of salt. Place a vessel filled with salt in the Northeast corner of your home. For this remedy to work effectively, keep changing the salt in the vessel and maintain its auspicious effect. 


  • If your financial troubles never end then try placing a photo or idol of Lord Kuber in the north direction of your house. This remedy is known to eliminate financial issues and also help enhance wealth. You can also try placing Lord Kuber’s Yantra at the place of wealth and worship it every day. 


  • The cash locker or your place of wealth should be placed on the South or Southwest wall of the house. This locker or cupboard should open in the North direction as it is considered to be Lord Kuber’s direction. 


  • To enhance wealth, you should try placing a mirror in front of your cash locker or place of wealth so the mirror reflects it. In addition, do not take anything for free or do not offer any of your services for free. It is important to have some type of money-related compensation involved. 


  • Do not try to earn money by false or fraudulent means. You should be authentic in all of your dealings. Money earned by cheating never stays. 


  • The presence of Tulsi is considered auspicious in the house and as per online astrology, it is suggested to place a ghee-filled lamp near it every evening. This pleases Goddess Lakshmi and means she will bless your home with abundance and prosperity.


  • Keeping or using broken vessels in the house is considered inauspicious and may affect the financial condition of the people living in the house. 


  • When you chat to astrologer, they will inform you of a remedy that entails donating a small portion of your earnings now and then. This will please Goddess Lakshmi and earn you her blessings. In addition, treat the women of your house with respect as they embody Goddess Lakshmi. 




If you or someone you know is facing financial troubles, suggest these astrological and Vastu Shastra tips and remedies to them. If one follows them wholeheartedly, they will surely see results. You have to have an open mind when trying these out.

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