Indian Visa For Belgian And Italian Citizens

There are now implications for citizens of Belgium and Italy who wish to visit India. The Indian government has implemented a new policy that will make it easier for citizens of either country to obtain an Indian visa. In the past, Belgian and Italian citizens have had to apply for a long-term Visa or short-term Visit Pass. Now, these people can opt for the 24/7 Indian Visa, which will allow them to stay in India beyond the designated time period.

Belgian Citizens Now Have The Choice When It Comes To Indian Visa Visas

Indian visa for Belgian citizens has the option to apply for an Indian visa through the Belgian Embassy in New Delhi. The visa can be obtained for a stay of up to 90 days and can be used for tourism, business, or family visits. Previously, Belgian citizens were only able to apply for an Indian visa through the Belgian Consulate in Mumbai.

The change comes as a result of a new agreement between Belgium and India that went into effect on January 1st. The agreement allows Belgian citizens to use the Indian Visa Online System (IVOS) and reduce the amount of time needed to obtain a visa.

Why Would A Belgian Citizen Want An Indian Visa?

Belgian and Italian citizens now have a choice when it comes to Indian visa visas. Belgium and Italy are two of the most popular European countries for Indian tourists, and many Belgians and Italians have relatives in India. The two countries have been working together to improve bilateral ties, so now Belgian and Italian citizens can get an Indian visa easily.

What If a Belgian Citizen Wants A French Visa?

Belgian citizens can now apply for a French visa through the Belgian embassy in their home country. Previously, Belgian citizens were only able to apply for a French visa through the embassy in Paris. 

This change came into effect on January 1, 2018, as part of a bilateral agreement between Belgium and France. Previously, the two countries had different visa requirements for their citizens. For example, Belgian citizens needed a French visa to visit France, but French citizens did not need a Belgian visa to visit Belgium. 

Now that the two countries have implemented the same visa requirements, Belgian and French citizens can travel to each other’s countries without any issues. This change is particularly beneficial for people who want to travel to multiple countries within the European Union. Also, get an Indian visa for Italian citizens.

What Other Countries Have India Visas?

Belgian citizens and Italian citizens now have a choice when it comes to Indi visa visas. Previously, Belgian and Italian citizens were only able to obtain Indi visas if they were traveling to India for tourism purposes. However, with the new changes, both Belgian and Italian citizens are now able to obtain Indi visas for any purpose. This includes business travel, family visits, and more.

This change is great news for Belgian and Italian citizens who want to visit India but don’t know how to get an Indi visa. Now, they can easily access information about the visa process online or through travel agents. Additionally, many Indian tourist destinations now accept Belgian and Italian passport holders as guests without needing a visa. This means that there is no need to miss out on amazing experiences because of a lack of an Indi visa.


Recently, the Belgian and Italian governments announced that their citizens will now have the choice to apply for an Indian visa online, instead of having to go through the embassy in their home country. This change is a result of cooperation between both countries and follows a new agreement that was made back in 2017. As long as you meet all the requirements specified by the Indian government, including providing proof of your financial stability, this new online system should make applying for an Indian visa much easier.

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