Privacy Policy

At Wired Remedy, our primary intention is to deliver the most authentic and reliable information to our highly dedicated readers concerning an extensive range of niches. 

That being said, you should know that Wired Remedy offers the most precise and knowledgeable content to its regular consumers, considering the modern trends and recent advances in technology and lifestyle.  

All About the Privacy Policy of Wired Remedy 

The privacy policy of Wired Remedy has been designed in order to illuminate our dedicated users with how we collect their data. In addition to this, we have also mentioned how we make use of the collected information.  

At Wired Remedy, we are of the idea that all our committed readers deserve to know how we collect their personal data and how we make use of it. This is why we are showing immense transparency in sharing the terms and conditions of our highly-precise privacy policy with you! 

What Sort of Data Do We Gather From Our Users? 

It is to be noted that the data we gather from our users may be collected using a considerable number of sources. While some data is manually provided by our users, other information might be collected automatically by our data-collection systems.  

Most of the details that we collect from our users comprise, but are not limited to, message contents, email addresses, phone numbers, geolocation, IP addresses, and various other such details. Whatsoever, it is to be mentioned that we generally refrain from collecting such data that might breach the privacy concerns of our users in any manner.  

Why Do We Collect Information From the Users of Our Virtual Platform? 

The sole purpose behind collecting information from regular users of Wired Remedy is to enhance their user experience on our virtual blogging platform. For instance, we might collect your email address so that we can notify you whenever we upload a new blog post that concerns your likings and preferences.  

In addition to this, we might also offer you various services and products that may be of interest in association with other third-party advertisers. That being said, you should know that we at Wired Remedy are always in search of potential threats that might hamper the overall experience of users on our virtual blogging platform. 

It is due to this reason that we regularly keep a check and balance and update our website regularly for bug fixes and updates.  

What is the Role of Third Parties? 

It is indeed worth mentioning that Wired Remedy works in association with various third-party benefits for the benefit of its regular users. Based on your personal preferences and interests, such third parties actively present advanced advertisements to you.  

Whatsoever, the involvement of third parties just serves the purpose of enhancing the overall user experience of the users of the Wired Remedy virtual blogging platform.  

Still, we recommend you also go through the privacy policy of such third parties before using their services or purchasing their goods. This is because the privacy policy of a third party might vary from the privacy policy of Wired Remedy, and we do not take responsibility for such a scenario.  

What is the Purpose Behind the Collection of Cookies? 

With the help of cookies, Wired Remedy collects browser and clickstream data in order to improve the overall reading experience of its highly committed users. Such collected information enables us to track the pattern of activity of the users on our virtual platform.  

This way, we get the chance to improve further the interface of our website based on the collected information. While you can easily disable cookies from the web browser on your device, this may impact your overall user experience on our website.