Shia Quran Reading : The Value of Reciting the Quran

Maria James

Shia Quran Reading: The Importance of Reciting the Quran in Its Original Mode of Language


Tajweed rules define how Quran should be recite in order to gain maximum benefits of the holy book. But many Muslims recite the Quran not following these rules, which can affect the clarity of their recitation, decreasing the benefits they can get from the holy book. Shia Quran reading in its original mode of language teaches Muslims how to recite the holy book according to Tajweed rules and obtain maximum benefits from it.

About tajweed rules

There are seven rules that have to be follow when reciting the Qur’an. These are respecting, pausing and resuming, and melodic accent in recitation. Tajweed includes three major areas: respectable pronunciation of its alphabets (correct articulation), rules of pause and resumption, and a melodic accent that is compose on every verse.

How do you know if your recitation is correct?

The rules of pause and resumption will vary depending on context. To master these, use a sound program like the Cambridge Word Skills or Duolingo to help understand what is recite during these pauses. Tajweed includes three major areas: respectable pronunciation of its alphabets (correct articulation), precise reading speed and melodic accent in recitation. Individuals can be taught through private lessons, public classes or online courses.

Benefits of Quran reading with tajweed rules

* It starts with the rules of pause and resumption. The reader can make two pauses in one verse and two breaks at each sitting (riwaya). There are many rules concerning how to start, where to pause, how to resume. Tajweed includes three major areas: respectable pronunciation of its alphabets (correct articulation), melodic accent in recitation, and rules for pause and resumption.

* Allah (SWT) promise His Servants an easy journey when He said, I have been given knowledge from both realms so that I may warn you along a way that is straight. Rasulullah SAW used this Prophetic decree as a platform to explain many other religious obligations among which was reading Al-Quran with tajweed.

Tips for learning Quraan with tajweed online

The beauty and melodic accent in recitation is not a secondary issue. When you look up to read the verse from a print book, you can only hear the reciter’s voice. This won’t happen with streaming because you’ll be reading it on your own. It also means that if you’re trying to memorize something while watching YouTube, then it will be harder than just sitting down and trying to focus on what is being said to you. You should make an effort to focus on one word at a time and recite them out loud with their corresponding Arabic letters as they are pronounce one by one. You may want to get use to listening before proceeding this way because pronunciation will vary greatly depending on region and dialects spoken there.

Do Shias believe Quran is created?

In Islam, there are two schools of thought when it comes to how much power should be given to the Arabic language. One school argues that Arabic holds enough weight on its own and needs no intervention from other sources. They believe that even though parts of Allah’s message were reveal in Hebrew and Aramaic, they weren’t as important to spread as they weren’t intend for all people and languages. Another school believes that if a non-Arabic speaker recites Allah’s revelation with any melodic accent whatsoever, then he has change its meaning altogether.

Does Shia Read Quran?

It is establish from Islamic hadith that Shias recite the Quran with melodic accent in recitation. Most Shia Muslims have this knowledge and practice memorizing it to teach others as well. Shia Islam believes that at one point, Shias start reading Quran with music, although there is not an actual definite moment when they started doing this. Nowadays, it has become customary to read all Surahs aloud while making a humming sound while reading

Is there any difference between Shia Quran and Sunni Quran?

The word Quran is an Arabic word, which comes from the word to read. This also makes sense because, according to Islamic traditions, Allah reveal the first verses of Quran to Prophet Muhammad as he was reading at a shepherd camp in a valley of a mountain call Jabal Nur, on Eid Al-Adha and determine to be Hijri year 40. Although there are differences between Shia and Sunni interpretations, scholars say that there are more similarities than differences. However, Shia Muslims believe that one needs to recite the whole Quran with Tajweed because it makes recitation easier for understanding what is being recite.

Who wrote the Quran according to Shia?

According to Shia, Muhammad was merely a medium for the revelations of Allah, so he was not merely speaking from his own imagination. There are also Shia Muslims who believe that he was appoint by Allah as a prophet but did not speak on his own accord. Allahu ahad, God has been one, is always mention at the beginning and again at other places (e.g., Al-Zalzalah 99:5). There is no god but God and this phrase means to them that God’s revelation to humanity has never been broken; it was reveal continuously through His prophets up until Muhammad’s day.

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