Tips To Choose Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

Maria James

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If you are looking for tea wholesalers in Siliguri for tea distributorship opportunities, you have come to the right post. 

Here, we have listed some of the best practices and factors to consider to ensure that you choose only the best tea wholesalers in Siliguri and other West Bengal regions and other states. 

Best Wholesale Tea Rate

A low wholesale tea rate is one of the most important factors to consider to choose one of the best loose tea and CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri and other locations. A low wholesale tea rate opens up the scope for tea distributors to keep a high profit margin.

Naturolled is one of the leading CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri that offers a low CTC tea wholesale rate to tea distributors of all sizes. Naturolled is able to offer one of the lowest tea wholesale prices as it sources tea locally from local tea gardens that are in close proximity to the manufacturing and packaging facilities. 

Best Profit Margin in Tea Distributorship

A high profit margin is another crucial factor to look for in a tea wholesaler that is offering tea distributorship. The higher the profit margin, the quicker you will be able to increase tea distributorship revenue and grow your tea distributorship business.

As one of the leading tea wholesalers in Siliguri and other West Bengal regions, Naturolled offers a high tea distributorship profit margin of 30%. This essentially means that tea distributors of all sizes and locations get up to a 30% discount in MRP.

30% off on MRP is one of the best offers as of now in the tea distributorship market. This is because the tea distributorship profit margin is limited to 20% from other tea wholesalers. If you are looking for a profitable distributorship opportunity, partner with Naturolled.  

Simplicity in Joining the Distributorship Program

If you are new to tea distributorship and are planning to start a small tea distributorship business, it is best for you to choose a tea wholesaler in Siliguri or other locations that has a simple joining process for the distributorship program. 

Unlike most tea wholesalers, Naturolled offers a free joining for their tea distributorship program. Also, the simplicity of Naturolled’s tea distributorship program makes it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their business. 

Easy Bulk Tea Purchase

When choosing a tea wholesaler in Siliguri or any other location, it is important to ensure that the wholesaler you plan to go with has a simple bulk tea order process. In other words, it is important to ensure that you do not face any hassle when placing bulk tea orders for your tea distributorship business. 

Simplicity in bulk tea purchases helps you ensure that you fulfill the bulk orders of retailers on time. Ordering CTC tea in bulk is easy for distributors of all locations from Naturolled.  

Streamlined Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics is an important part of the equation that defines the success of any tea distributorship business. Therefore, when exploring loose tea and CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri or any other location, make sure that you go for a wholesaler like Naturolled that has structured logistics and a streamlined overall supply chain. 

Naturolled has a streamlined supply chain in Siliguri that helps tea distributors of all sizes benefit from structured logistics. Facilities such as free delivery of bulk orders, quick transit time, and inventory management help tea distributors grow their business consistently with Naturolled. 

Business Growth Assistance

If you are just starting out your distributorship business and do not have deep knowledge about the tea business industry,  it is important that you work with a tea wholesaler that offers business growth assistance. 

Tea wholesalers that offer industry insights and help improve tea distributorship businesses are the best options for people who are new in this tea distributorship business. Naturolled helps young starters grow their tea distributorship year over year. Learn more about tea distributorship business growth from the Naturolled team by contacting them at [email protected]


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