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Icing is the best part of a cake, but it can also be one of the most challenging steps. Those fancy swirls, bobs, and swags in bakeries aren’t the only thing to look forward to. A cake or cupcake with a slick, crumb-free frosting is an accomplishment. The following guide will help you get there and beyond.

Frosting the cake can be challenging for most people who have just started baking. This blog will provide insight into various tips through which you can master this art. 

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Things to remember before you start 

  • It is a recipe for disaster to try and spread icing on warm cake layers. It’s best to refrigerate your cake layers for at least two hours. Ensure that your frosting is at room temperature before beginning if you have prepared it ahead of time.
  • A large offset spatula and parchment paper are simple but effective investments. You’ll also need a long, ideally serrated knife to cut and slice the cake layers in half. Invest in a little offset spatula if you enjoy cupcakes.
  • Consider investing in a pedestal-mounted spinning cake turntable if you enjoy baking or, at the very least, preparing cakes. It assists in achieving a slick finish; however, it is unnecessary. You can transport your cake with the help of a cake carrier. 

Tips to frost the cake 

  • Prepare your cake

Your cake is already baked, and you let the layers cool. However, your cake needs to be prepared first so that you can top them with a decadent layer of frosting. After the layers have come out of the oven, ensure they have cooled for a few hours, or even overnight, in the refrigerator. 

Find your largest serrated knife to carry out the task if the layers are thick and you want to halve them to form a four-layer cake. Take your time; it takes work to do this effectively. First, score a level, horizontal line around the layer’s edge to guide your cutting. The layer should be cut equally across the scored line with one hand on top of the cake. To cut the cake, apply less pressure and concentrate more on the back-and-forth cutting motion of your knife.

  1. Frostings
    You have various icing options for your cake, from a smooth buttercream to a rich, bittersweet ganache. While there are no set guidelines for matching frosting to cakes, remember that heavier frostings, such as fudge or rich fudge, won’t crumble as easily on stronger cakes like butter and pound cakes. But stick to a lighter icing, like a 7-minute meringue, for light desserts like sponge and chiffon cakes.
  2. Frost the Cake
    Your cake layers have been baked, cooled, and crumb-freed and are now ready for frosting. Follow these instructions for the best-looking, cleanest, and most evenly frosted cakes. If you take the time to do it perfectly, an elegantly frosted cake requires no additional decorating. However, rainbow sprinkles or chopped nuts can cover up a variety of icing errors, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect.
    Uniformly distribute the frosting and filling over the bottom cake layer using an offset spatula or knife. Then carefully pick up the second layer and gently place it over the frosted layer. Use your hands to center the layer if necessary before spreading the icing if it isn’t already.

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