4 Advantages of eMAR Care Delivery

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Electronic medical administration records, also known as EMARs, are increasingly being used by contemporary healthcare organizations to standardize documentation, reduce the likelihood of making errors, produce clearer and more concise charts, and, ultimately, improve the quality of care that patients receive.

When it comes to electronic medical Administration records (EMARs), healthcare providers and other sector experts have various opinions. In point of fact, several medical professionals have reported that implementing assisted living emar software into their practices has resulted in an increase in the amount of work they need to do. Even while electronic medical records were designed with the best of intentions, they sometimes leave doctors, experts, and nurses feeling irritated instead.

What is EMAR?

Electronic Medication Administration Records (EMAR) is a method that helps cut down the amount of time spent on paperwork. According to the reports, hospitals that have implemented EMAR have shown a decrease of about 35 percent in the number of mistakes and a reduction of over 45 percent in the time spent documenting. Medical professionals utilize EMAR. They can record vital signs and other observations.

In addition, warnings are shown whenever clinical interventions are required to be done. The notifications will appear on the screen, which may be emailed or distributed in any other way. The Status Board displayed on the monitor draws attention to the room numbers of patients who either miss their meds or have not taken them in a sufficient amount of time.

A drug administration process that is simplified enables medical professionals to view the data relating to a patient in a manner that is both more transparent and more technologically sophisticated. The electronic medical record software known as eMAR helps to guarantee that patients consistently receive their medicine. Both the medical professionals and the patients clearly understand the medications that have been prescribed, thanks to eMAR. The data stored in eMAR is always protected and backed up regularly.

Emar’s Many Benefits

The amount of time spent on paperwork is drastically reduced thanks to eMAR.

Over the course of the past decade, the development of an eMAR platform has been taking place. Paper MARs have been in use for a considerable time; however, they are less effective and more prone to mistakes than their electronic counterparts, which is why the introduction of the eMAR was first intended to replace them.

Direct Communication

Care givers waste hours attempting to decipher unreadable handwritten notes when utilizing paper documentation, which may be frustrating for both parties. In the meanwhile, care givers who utilize eMAR software equipped with an electronic Kardex save numerous hours each and every day. This is simply because they can get resident data more quickly and easily and are also aware of exactly what they are looking at all times.

In addition, nurses who use eMAR software can conveniently monitor their patients’ activities, data, and prescriptions. This is because the data on each patient is color-coded, which makes it easy for nurses to spot any changes in the health of a resident at a look.

Accuracy and communication are both improved when healthcare professionals have a better understanding of what eMAR is.

Reduced likelihood of blunders or holdups occurring while the process is being administered.

The 5 Rights are adhered to when administering medications: the right medicine, the right dose, the right route, and the right time for the right resident. The eMAR program provides nurses with a list of Residents from which they can choose. After a Resident has been selected, the application displays a list of drugs that need to be administered to that Resident. Strict adherence to strict adherence ensures a decrease in the possibility of mistakes or delays occurring throughout the administration process.

Accuracy That Is Much Improved

Most software systems for long-term care will incorporate an alert system that assures residents receive the proper drug dosage at the exact time, lowering the likelihood of both human mistakes and medical errors. These kinds of notifications are going to show up in an electronic Kardex.

Improved Quality Control And Regulatory Compliance

Dashboards give clinical leadership teams access to issues such as late or missing drug administration. They keep an eye out for:

  • Any duplicate medication orders
  • The administration and effects of PRN drugs
  • Prescriptions that are being held
  • Medications that need a refill request

Medications that are not being provided for whatever reason. This ultimately results in increased safety for the residents.

Performing The Necessary Checks On The Drugs

EMe provides a smooth, safe, and effective flow of information from the pharmacy to the care home. It does this by having the functionality to interact with the dispensing systems used by pharmacies.

To guarantee that the nursing home receives the correct prescription from the pharmacy. All medication orders are entered into the system and then reviewed for accuracy. Discrepancies, if any, are found at the earliest point in the process that it is practicable to do so. The emar software offered by AL Cloud Care is currently connected with thousands of pharmacies.

Simple Record-Keeping

Additional visibility is available on medicine administration, PRN Follow up, PRN protocol, and Three Month Physician Reviews. You have the ability to filter your view so that it focuses on-:

  • A particular med cart
  • The entire building
  • A single day
  • Or many days

This enables you to identify any problems rapidly. And for detailed information, you must get help from AL Cloud Care.


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