5 Must Visit Places To Visit In Chicago

Maria James


Chicago is sometimes referred to as the windy city situated along Lake Michigan in Illinois, and is one of the biggest cities across the USA.


Chicago is a hub for various things such as commerce, culture, finance industry technology, education as well as telecommunications, transportation and transport.


The summer in Chicago is extremely hot and hot. There are many places to go to in Chicago during summer. July is the hottest month to visit Chicago. In summer, you’ll be able to experience the lively neighborhood of Chicago as well as a myriad of summer festivals. 


Here are the 5 places you must visit in chicago.

Millennium Park 

Millenium Park is one of the most frequented spots in Chicago. It is famous for its art deco as well as its performance, and other captivating images, Millenium Park draws thousands of visitors.


It’s a well-known Chicago attraction that plays host to events and concerts. When you stroll in the parks, it’s possible to find intriguing sculptures and contemporary art installations.


Lake Michigan 

Lake Michigan, when measured by its surface water level, is the third largest Great Lake and second largest in volume. It is also the only Great Lake that is entirely situated within the United States. The name comes from Ojibwa Indian mishigami which means big lake.


Lake Michigan is thriving during the summer months. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy near Lake Michigan. You can rent jet skis or a boat and ride bikes, have a drink at the castaways, or take a cruise for dinner. If you’re an avid water lover or a water enthusiast, then visiting Lake Michigan is your jam.


Cloud Gate

The infamous Cloud Gate is a spectacular piece of art that undoubtedly is one of the places to visit in Chicago. It’s the perfect spot for a selfie and since its inception, it has been an Instagram favorite for all tourists around the world. Sometimes known as the beanbag, this fun installation works as a house of mirrors and is a must-see place for all visiting Millenium Park.


Lincoln Park Zoo

In Chicago, places to visit are so many that it won’t disappoint you. Bring back your childhood memories with a trip to the infamous Lincoln Park Zoo, especially if you’re a nature and animal lover. Located in the middle of the city and surrounded by skyscrapers and buildings, this prime location happens to be one of everyone’s favorite places to visit in Chicago.


Crown Fountain

Being a one-of-a-kind installation in the city, this fountain is a 50-foot glass block that projects the images of the locals while the water flows through an outlet strategically placed at the mouth of the installation. This 21st-century art is one of the spectacular places to visit in Chicago which is located in Millenium Park. Make sure you capture both the screen during the middle of Spring and Fall, as the water effects are operational only then.


Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is a famous and mesmerizing tourist attraction in Chicago. It is located near Lake Michigan. This indoor aquarium is perfect for relaxing with your family, especially children.


It is home to more than 1500 fish and animals, including white-sided dolphins and Beluga whales. It is one of Chicago’s most fascinating places.


John Hancock Observatory 

360 Chicago offers a panoramic view. 360 Chicago is the perfect place to explore Chicago from a vantage point. The observatory is located on the top level of The John Hancock building.


Get a memorable experience will be unforgettable. It’s a fascinating place for all ages as you get to view all five states as well as that famous Lake Michigan from the top. It’s a fantastic location to watch the sunset too.


Art Institute Of Chicago 

The Chicago Art Institute is a museum in Chicago, Illinois. It houses American, European, and Asian sculptures, as well as prints and paintings, drawings, artistic arts, photography, textiles, armor, and arms, as well as African, pre-Columbian American, and pre-Columbian American art.


Many masterpieces can be found at the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses more than 300,000. It is well-known for its extensive collection of French paintings from the 19th century (Impressionist paintings in particular) and paintings and sculptures from the 20th century.


Final Words

These are some of the beautiful and worth visiting places in Chicago. Chicago is a wonderful place to spend a vacation with friends or family. Chicago is a popular tourist destination. There are many top-quality cultural institutions and friendly people.

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