A Comprehensive Guide on How to become Data Analyst in 2022?

Maria James

How to become Data Analyst in 2022

Analysts have gained colossal market visibility with an overwhelming demand for data worldwide. However, the role of a data analyst is not confined to any specific industry. An organization that depends on data for making crucial decisions like product development, new market launches, investment, and many other tasks appoint a data analyst to analyze the information.

The data analyst requires obtaining specific skills and data analytics certifications to ace the career. The student can also pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in data analytics course. Overall, the demand for data analysts has evolved immensely, and it is considered one of the most popular jobs after data scientists.

Thus, to stand out from others and wants to discover opportunities, you will need to make strategies. This article will elaborate on specific steps to becoming a data analyst.

Steps to Become Data Analyst

Students focus on their career choices and make decisions wisely in the growing world. However, pursuing a career in data analysis requires specific preparation right from the beginning. Therefore, we have mentioned some steps that would help the student to know what needs to be done to become a data analyst.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Basics 

To acquire in-depth knowledge in the data analytics world, the person should immerse themselves in the best tool and context. In this initiative, you should first learn the theory of data analytics. Learn the idea, understand as much as possible, and implement it in real-life situations.

Also, remember that the main aim is not to learn everything by you. Once you gain personal insight into data analysis, you should move to the next step.

  1. Enroll in Data Analytics Certification

If you want to pursue a career in data analytics, enrolling in a bachelor’s degree or specialized program is a practical choice. But the next question is, how long does it take to become a data analyst? Usually, a college degree takes four years to complete. But if you are not interested in a long course, then boot camps is also an ideal choice for you.

Remember that not all data analytics course is identical. Thus, investing in one that offers mentorship, practical curriculum, training, and the best data science certification is advisable. The accreditation assures the hiring company that you are knowledgeable and have the job skills.

  1. Improve Soft Skills  

In a data analyst career, working on your soft skills is imperative. Some of the soft skills are:

  • Problem–solving skills
  • Organization skill to complete the task on the given deadline
  • Good in numbers
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Business acumen
  • Knowledge of logical and methodical approaches

If you are excellent in this skill, then identify what skills still need improvement from your side. If your current workplace offers an opportunity to get command over this, grab it.

  1. Make Visualization and Practice Demonstrating them

Practice making your visualization and look for the perfect ways to allow the data to speak for itself. However, Microsoft Excel comes into play even at the early stage, and it remains popular even after three decades and is inevitable in the data science field.

The data analyst should be able to use visualization to explain the result. If any person is lacking in communication skills, start practicing now.

  1. Learning New Skills and Leading Analytics Tool

To become a professional data analyst, gaining knowledge of the latest tool related to data analysis is crucial, and it includes:

  • Programming frameworks and languages like python, R, and Hadoop
  • Visualization tools like Power BI, Matplotlib, Bokeh, tableau, and Plotly
  • Spreadsheets and querying languages depend on data analysts like SQL and XML.
  • Experience in one or more data analysis solutions like Google Adwords and Analytics.

Furthermore, you may want to put together practice works that deal with other stages of data analysis like researching business and its opportunities, setting the standards of data, cleaning the data, and utilizing it to create algorithms.

  1. Build Network

Connecting with people both online and offline will be fruitful for your future. Even a LinkedIn message may readily do it for you. It is always better for the professional to connect with minded individuals.

A good network connection will pave the way for potential opportunities and career prospects. It is also an excellent experience to surround you with experienced people and a chance to learn from them. Sometimes a good connection may lead you to a good job opportunity.


Carrying out a career as a data analyst is an impressive endeavor itself. Undoubtedly, the roadmap to becoming a data analyst is more manageable than most. You are not required to worry about mathematics, programming languages, and complex concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This roadmap aims to give a bare-bones approach that can achieve through certifications to facilitate rapid career growth. But by following this roadmap, you can start your path to becoming a successful data analyst.

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