A Guide to Men’s Straw Sun Hats to Complete Your Summer Look

Maria James

Men’s Straw Sun Hats

Everyone welcomes the warmth of the summer season with open arms. Summer is the best time to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors, go for a beach vacation, sunbathe in your new bikini, flaunt some shades or get ready for the BBQ parties. According to the New York Post, nothing can match the summer season. People are in awe of their summer-styled hats, from the vibrant colors to the straw weaving, straw summer hats are flirty, fun, and most effective gear for ultimate sun protection.

However, A timeless utilitarian and fashionable wardrobe staple, a top-quality straw hat is comprise tightly interwoven natural or synthetic straw materials and boasts a wide brim for the best sun protection. Today, straw hats are available in a wide variety of styles and sported by men and women alike. Straw hats have been providing style and sun protection. Straw hats are popular as they are lightweight and versatile. They are best for breathability and keeping you cool. Straw hats are woven hats with small pores or openings facilitating proper ventilation and perfect cooling even during the hottest summer days.

Reasons Why Men Love Their Straw Sun Hats

Mens straw sun hats are all out of the closet as the 2022 summer season has arrived and warm and cozy weather greets you. It is the best time to head straightaway to your favorite silvery beach and azure seas. Straw hats are mostly regard as beach hats and are best for flaunting while traveling or having fun in the surf. Life has become hectic, and the best way of breaking free from a monotonous life is to head to the nearest beach during the weekends or at least for a summer vacation.

However, The beach has something to offer to everybody. Some people head to their favorite beach for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. While some people love to chill out by the sea, reading their favorite magazine or book under a protective wide-brimmed straw sun hat. Yet others love to play volleyball or spikeball at the sparkling beach. Since straw beach hats are summer hats and serve as the best sun protection hats. They are fashionable and just perfect for the stylish man.

However, Brimmed straw sun hats have been in vogue for decades and will continue to be in fashion for many years down the line. They are knows for their timeless charm. Straw hats are not too formal, and at the same time, they are not too casual. You can wear your straw hat to the beach with your swim shorts and a striking Cuban-collared shirt in vibrant colors and patterns. You may look cool when you team up your linen suit with a straw hat for a beach wedding or a summer party. Straw sun hats are breathable and excellent for shielding your face, neck, and eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun.  Best for traveling, thanks to their minimal weight. Straw hats are known for their aesthetic appeal, breathability, versatility, and lightweight.

Different Types of Straw Sun Hats for Men

However,  The perfect straw sun hats for men can take your vacation or summertime dressing to a new level. Here are different types of straw sun hats to choose from:

The Boater Straw Hat Style: In the past, an official day was marked for switching from winter hats to summer straw boater hats. The special day was celebrate by everyone as the ‘Straw Hat Day’! Known for its timeless charm, the boater hat is an excellent unisex option for fashionable men and women. However, because of its short brim, it is not always the best choice for sun protection.

Panama Straw Hat Style: Panama hats are the vacationers’ best choice because of their breathability, versatility, and ease of wear. A Panama hat is manufacture using the light-color Toquilla straw. Straw Panama hats are best for complementing light linen or silk suit.

Fedora Straw Hat Style: Panama hats and Fedora hats seem similar to many people. However, fedora hats are define by their unique shape, while Panama hats are known by their fabric or material, Toquilla straw. Panama hats are always make of straw; however, fedoras are make from straws and other materials like wool, felt, etc. Straw fedora hats are best for fashionable men and women alike to take their style quotient a few notches higher. Straw fedoras are best for tourists since they provide maximum sun protection, are lightweight. And can complement all sorts of outfits without adversely affecting their style.

There are some other straw hat styles for men, such as the lifeguard straw hat that comes with an adjustable chin strap and characteristic high crown. Lifeguard straw hats are make from relatively thicker straw and are loosely woven. Garden straw hats could be a smart choice, thanks to their unique lightweight qualities. The Derby hats promise high fashion and are make from fine quality straw. Moreover, these extraordinarily wide-brimmed hats are best for sun protection. Their dramatic style is best for adding the wow factor to any outfit.

Outfit Ideas with Straw Sun Hats

  • You may wear your straw sun hats with casual outfits like a polo shirt or t-shirt with shorts or jeans. You may wear your stunning straw sun hat with beachwear.  Swim trunks to take your beach fashion to great heights.
  • You may consider a casual street style fashion by teaming up a tan straw sun hat with a beige crew-neck tee, and black leather loafers for the diva look. You can elevate your comfort styling with the perfect straw hat as a fashion accessory.
  • You may wear a stunning straw hat with an olive-green camouflage military jacket that offers efficiency.  And comfort and helps to keep the look trendy.
  • Wear a tan straw hat with a navy blazer for bumping up your outfit’s wow factor!


Wearing a straw sun hat is the best way to beat the scorching summer heat while adding a stylish.  And fashionable touch to your summer dressing. Use the above-discussed outfit ideas to make you stand out from the rest.



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