A Question You Should Answer Before Getting A Wardrobe

Maria James


A minimalist approach will help you build your wardrobe. This will make it easier to do most of the tasks related to wardrobe design (creating outfits and packing for trips, organising your closet, etc.). However, shopping for new clothes will become much more difficult. It is important to take the time to determine what you want from your wardrobe and to make conscious choices about where you will spend your money. Your range of clothes will decrease. Although you may feel frustrated at first, this is normal. You will soon realise that the higher standards will allow you to filter out less-than-perfect pieces early on. This will mean that you won’t have the frustration of poor purchases later. Your wardrobe will be filled with clothes that are appropriate for your body, style and lifestyle.


Below is a list of five things to consider when shopping for new wardrobe items: visual aspects (fit/fabric), function, need, and versatility. These questions are fairly broad and represent what a standard shopper would think about. After that, you will need to pay more attention to the unique structure of your affordable wardrobe. To maximise your benefit, you should order them in the following order. You want to buy only items that meet all five criteria.


Is It In Keeping With My Style?

It is the overall appearance of an item that will attract you to it when you first see it in person or online. This can also be used to filter out items that don’t match your style. Compare the shape, texture, and colour of each piece to your current style. For example, if you want to create a French-chic look, think about whether the item will complement or detract from this style. Your style concept should be viewed as a painting. Each item should match the concept, but not clash with the others. You can be as specific as you wish. Click Here to learn more about style concepts, which are a collection of elements. Next, answer the question if you think your item represents your style concept well.

Are You Happy With The Fabric And Fit?

Fabric and fit are two of the most important things that cannot be changed. You can wear an item that fits your style but isn’t too big or too small. But if it doesn’t fit your body well or feels uncomfortable on your skin, you won’t hesitate to get rid of it. It is a smart idea to create a fit/fabric guide that lists the cuts and fabrics you like/hate so that you can narrow your search down from the beginning. Garments can look different from what they appear on the body. It can also be hard to tell if you feel comfortable wearing a fabric by just touching it. Keep receipts! You should move in the garments, sit down, and do some stretching. Last, make sure to check the laundry needs of each item and, if necessary, decide if you are able to wash them by hand or take them regularly to the dry cleaner.

Which Place/Function Does It Serve In My Wardrobe?

You should have an idea of what role it will play in your wardrobe before you purchase any item. You want it to be part of your capsule wardrobe or your uniform. It could be a key piece or a basic that you can pair with more bold statement pieces. Is it something you will wear regularly at work, for everyday use, or for special occasions? Your wardrobe’s structure and preferred style-building methods should be matched with any new addition. Even if the item is perfect for your style, if it doesn’t have a function, it will not fit in your wardrobe’s flow.

Will Fill A Void In My Wardrobe, Or Increase The Number Of Items I Already Have?

This question requires you to be practical and ask yourself if you really need it and if it would help you create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. Your wardrobe should not only express your visual preferences but also reflect your daily activities. If you wear casual clothes most of the time and only wear evening wear a few times a month, your daytime wardrobe should be significantly larger than your evening wear. Keep track of the over- and underrepresented parts of your wardrobe so that you can make an informed purchase decision if you find something truly amazing. You might consider if the item would add to the already crowded section of your wardrobe.

Do You Have At Least Three Outfits I Could Wear It With?

You might have found a valuable addition to your wardrobe if your item has passed all four questions. But, before you make your final decision, double-check its versatility by thinking of a few outfits. Although a strong style and a cohesive wardrobe structure will do the bulk of the work, it is worth trying three outfits with the new item and other items in your closet. If you are able to think of three or more outfits you’d be happy wearing, your item is probably a good buy.



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