Top 8 Best badal wala game in 2022

Today, we’ll discuss the Badal Wala game, Sky Game, and Cloud Game. You must have found the name of this cloud game rather unusual, but don’t worry—cloud games are very popular in the online gaming community.

You’ve probably played games like “car wala,” “bus wala,” “truck wala,” “jeep wala,” and a lot more. If, however, you haven’t played the “Badal wala game,” don’t worry; in this article, we’ll learn about it.

The finest mobile games of 2022 fall across a variety of categories, including role-playing games, first-person shooters (FPS), racing games, platformers, strategy games, puzzle games, and more. Having said that, let’s go on to the list without further ado.

Best Option for Badal Wala Game

There are clouds in the game of clouds, and if you guys don’t know that clouds play from one aspect, I’m talking to you. Many people don’t even know what the game of change is, so buddies, I’m talking to you. Friends, please read this post to the conclusion so you can learn about the top 10 cloud games.

Children of the Light in the Sky

The ancient setting of this game, which requires teamwork, makes it a fantastic choice for explorers. In this gloomy game, you’ll get to view some really intriguing things.

In addition to enjoying the game’s features, you will also appreciate the game’s levels and the opportunity to play with others.

It was released on the Google Play Store by Badal wala game on April 6, 2020, has a 1.1 GB file size, a 4.7 user rating, and more than 10 million downloads. This game is available for download.

Shooting the Galaxy Sky

In this gloomy game, your lovely sea galaxy is being attacked, and you must protect your home. You are given a fighter to protect your home, which you may save by moving right and left.

The graphics in this Badal Wala game are gorgeous, and the game’s design is done very well. You will like playing this game.

This cloud game has a 56MB file size, a 4.4 user rating, and more than 10 million downloads, and it was released on the Google Play store on November 18, 2018. It is simple to download this game from the Google Play Store.

Sky Roller

Sky Roller is a really enjoyable single-player Badal wala game that can be played offline. It has lots of action and can be played with a lot of pleasure.

This game’s features and graphics are entertaining, and you can quickly get it from the Google Play store.

It was released on the Google Play Store on October 24, 2019, with a size of 70 MB, a rating of 4.3, and more than 100 million downloads.

Floaty Cloud

In the game Floaty Cloud, a 2D cloud simulation, you can play it very easily and request your friends join you so you may compete for the highest score.

This game is 11 MB in size, has a 3.9 user rating, over 10,000 downloads, and was released on the Google Play store on October 13, 2019. You can easily play by downloading this game from the play store.

Clash of Cloud

The game Clash of Cloud Badal Wala Game is really easy to play and has a lot of intriguing gameplay elements. It is a ton of fun to play.

You will receive little clouds in this Badal Wala game that you must use to blast down another player’s cloud. Labels are also provided in this game. This game’s features have been given a lot of exciting additions.

This game was released on the Google Play Store on January 24, 2016, with a 38 MB file size, a 3.9 user rating, and more than 10,000 downloads.

Space Shooter Sky Raptor

This badal wala game is also quite entertaining. In this game, you must also eliminate your opponents in order to get cash.

Playing this game will be a lot of fun for you. Additionally, there are labels in this game that you may cross by playing online, and a single person can play it.

This game’s size is 113 MB, it has a 4.5 rating, and over one million people have downloaded it since it was released on the Google Play store on January 19, 2020.  You may take full advantage of the game.

Last Words

In this post, we have provided information about the top Badal Wala game for you all. Feel free to leave a remark on our site if you’d want more information about different cloud games. We appreciate your commitment to reading through to the finish.

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