Best business opportunities for Australian citizens in Sri Lanka

Maria James

Australian citizens flag for Sri Lanka

People from Australia who want to invest in Sri Lanka should read this post instead of searching for how to get a visa to Sri Lanka from Australia. Visa for Sri Lanka for Australians can be obtained quite easily because of the credibility of the Australian passport. Now in this post, we are going to discuss some of the top business opportunities for an Australian investor in Sri Lanka. 

There are different kinds of businesses in which you can invest in if you have a business Sri Lanka visa Australian issued from the embassy. To know the relevant requirements and updates you can visit the website

In this article we have mentioned the most profitable business opportunities for Australians in Sri Lanka. So if you have a decent investment and the visa to Sri Lanka from Australia then you certainly need to get information about these businesses.


The economy of Sri Lanka majorly depends on agriculture. You must know that it famously produces tea, cinnamon, and rubber for both local uses and exports. The reason why we suggest people to invest in Agriculture is because there is no taxation on this industry. You can earn tons of money by growing crops and also in breeding livestock. You must know that farming in Sri Lanka is of great popularity nowadays so if you have some experience in this industry then you should try your luck here and get the visa to Sri Lanka from Australia.

Cell phone repair and sale

Cell phone demand is increasing all across the globe and in Sri Lanka too. So you can also invest in the telecom industry. You can sell new phones, old phones and can also start your own repair business. Repairing cell phones is a profitable business but for that you need to have skills as a repair person and of course the visa to Sri Lanka from Australia. Sri Lanka visa for Australian passport holders can also be obtained online.

Real estate and construction

Another industry where you can invest and make some money is in real estate and construction. You can invest in land, houses, and flats and in commercial spaces. If you have good investment and experience in the capital market then you need to invest in construction. You can either invest in this industry or you can also provide services as a sales agent. All you need is a work or business visa to Sri Lanka from Australia. Visa for Sri Lanka for Australian citizens can be obtained from your nearby consolidated office.


Tourism is one of the most booming industries in Sri Lanka. You can start your tourism company in Sri Lanka if you have the business visa to Sri Lanka from Australia. You can open up cafes, hotels, restaurants and guest houses for tourists coming from all across the globe. You can attract Australian tourists by offering them special discounts. Sri lanka tourist visa for Australians can be obtained online if you want to make a quick trip there and see the tourism opportunities.

Before investing make sure you travel to Sri Lanka and check out the ground details.

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