7 Places of Jodhpur You Must See During Your Rajasthan Tour

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best places of jodhpur

Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s second-largest city, offers a taste of the state’s significant cultural history and the legacy of the Marwar emperors. The Rathore clan’s Rao Jodha established the city in 1459 A.D. It is home to several intriguing forts, castles, lakes, and architectural marvels. You wouldn’t want to overlook Jodhpur’s blue homes, which are a major draw. They create a stunning scene on the Thar Desert’s canvas. If you are planning a Jodhpur vacation, add these best places of Jodhpur to your travel itinerary. For curating the best and most luxurious vacation package, LIH Travel offers the best Rajasthan tour packages from USA for a luxurious and comfortable vacation.

Seven Best Places Of Jodhpur For Your Vacation

1. Mehrangarh Fort

If you are looking for the Jodhpur top places, then Mehrangarh Fort, which ranks at the top of attractions in Jodhpur, must be on your itinerary. Formerly one of the most magnificent palaces in this region, this royal residence is now a museum showcasing Jodhpur’s rich culture and legacy. This imposing fort is renowned as an architectural masterpiece. The architectural beauty and complexity of the fort are enough to entice visitors to this fort. Rao Jodha built the palace in 1459.

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace

The Umaid Bhavan Palace is among the last structures built in India. Further, it is well-known for its architecture and construction, a major draw for Jodhpur’s visitors. Hence, this is among the best places of Jodhpur that must be on your travel itinerary. This palace, situated inside the city boundaries, reflects Jodhpur’s regal history. Presently, Umaid Bhavan Palace has three sections, one of which is still maintained by Jodhpur’s royals. One of the remaining two is a legacy hotel famous for offering guests a royal atmosphere, while the other is a museum that displays artifacts from the royal era.

3. Ghanta Ghar

Searching for the best places in Jodhpur to visit? Ghanta Ghar, popularly called the clock tower, is a significant landmark here. Moreover, the list of tourist attractions in Jodhpur is incomplete without including this imposing structure. It is adjacent to Sardar Market within the city boundaries.

Moreover, at night, the clock tower gets illuminated with dazzling lights, making it seem even more magnificent and captivating. The finest activity at this location is purchasing souvenirs and local ethnic creative items from the adjacent Sardar Market and tasting the renowned chat specialties. Additionally, if you are looking for the best shopping places in Jodhpur, you can go shopping in these areas.

4. Bishnoi Village

So Bishnoi is a small village close to Jodhpur and noted for its cultural activities. Furthermore, it is a famous tourist destination where one may enjoy camel riding, desert excursions, cane spotting, and village walks, among other activities. Art, handicrafts, and other creative activities are the primary reasons for visiting this magnificent location. Exceptional Safari trips and other personalized tours are among the primary attractions that draw many people to this area, making it one of the best places of Jodhpur.

5. Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake, situated on the highway between Jodhpur and Mandore, is approximately five kilometers from Jodhpur. Balak Rao Parihar erected Balsamand Lake in 1159 A.D., which is now among the best places of Jodhpur. Additionally, this lake was formerly a water reservoir for the residents of Mandore, but it has now an artificial lake.

The rich vegetation surrounding the area enhances the beauty of the area. It is embellished with a spectacular royal walk accentuating the lake’s original attractiveness. Then, a palace, built close to the lake, served as a summer retreat for monarchs at the time. So all these regal touches inscribed into this spot make it one of the most gorgeous locations to visit when in Jodhpur.

6. On the Rocks

This lovely restaurant in Jodhpur is perfect for having a delicious meal with family and friends while enjoying the stunning decor. The menu is diverse and offers Pan Asian, Indian, and Continental cuisine. Further, it also provides a huge selection of energizing cocktails and beverages hence it is among the best places of Jodhpur.

7. Tripolia Market

Tripolia Market in Jodhpur is a shopping street that offers grouped and displayed products ranging from traditional antiques and wooden handicrafts to batik sarees, metal items, metal fixtures, local handicrafts, marble statues and models, a gorgeous array and textiles, silver jewels, and well-known Rajasthani flooring. Here you may purchase local and traditional crafts and Textiles. Further, the selection is remarkable, the merchants are energetic, and the prices are affordable.

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Hope this list of the best places in Jodhpur can help you plan your itinerary better. For the best holiday packages and holiday experiences, LIH Travels can help.

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