Common TV Issues That Require The Assistance Of TV Repair Shops In Lawrence KS


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Common TV Issues

If your television isn’t working properly, there are a few things you can try before giving a call to TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS. Most of the time, there will be some indications that anything is wrong. Sure, there are times when repairing the TV isn’t an option, and you should replace it. But in this article, we will discuss the issues which can be repaired by Tv or cell phone repair stores in Lawrence, KS.

Common TV Issues That Require The Assistance Of TV Repair Shops In Lawrence KS

The following are some of the most prevalent problems with any television model.

Dead Pixels Issue 

One of the most annoying things that can happen is a single blank space in the center of the screen. These dots, whether black or green, are quite inconvenient. Before you assume the worst, be sure it’s a dead pixel.

On the other hand, stuck pixels are caused by a faulty transistor and appear in various colors and locations that don’t make sense. The TV will need to be repaired if the issue is caused by a dead pixel.

It’s also a good idea to see if the screen is the root of the problem. It’s amazing how often a bit of dust or dirt may pass for a dead pixel; try wiping the screen clean before you panic. The next step is to try playing games or connecting the screen to a computer to check whether the pixel disappears just with certain media. If the issue won’t resolve, then it is time for you to take your TV to any electronics repair in Lawrence, KS.

There Is No Video, Only Audio

If the TV’s sound is fine, but there is no image on the screen, the back-lighting system is most likely to blame. Your only choice in this situation is to request maintenance. The repair could be quite costly if the LCD screen needs to be replaced. Another alternative is to turn off the lights and use a flashlight to illuminate the screen from various angles. If any images are seen, replacing the TV back-light inverter board or replacing a faulty capacitor should resolve the problem.

There Is No Audio, Only Video

Several factors could cause this TV problem. But here’s what you can do about it:

Check the volume controls on the TV With the use of any headphones.

If you are using a receiver, make sure it is turned on.

Examine the quality of all cable connections.

If that doesn’t work, the speaker is broken. You can schedule service or TV repair by calling Budget repair LLC for any Electronic Recycling Service.

Colors Are Changing

If the colors on your TV screen appear to be off, then there is a possibility that it is not working properly. This problem usually develops gradually, so you may not notice any difference at first. This is because, on average, one hue loses power simultaneously. Thus no significant transitions occur at the same time. Phantom hues, which look like splotches of color when none should exist, are also a problem. Don’t give up; correcting for color distortion is simple. Contact an expert.


For more complicated problems, One should seek a repair professional like TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS. You should obtain quotes from several service providers to save money. It is preferable to have your TV serviced by a professional.

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