Cost Of Living In Alaska?

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Alaska is clearly an splendid location to live. Tourists travel from all around the world to look the natural beauty of the country. As lovely as the ones views are, many do no longer make up for the demanding situations that come with dwelling in Alaska.


To help overcome those demanding situations is the Permanent Fund Dividend Program, which presents Alaska residents with annual dividends from the funding earnings of mineral royalties. Not terrible in case you’re thinking about transferring to the Last Frontier. Whether the dividend is enough to make up for Alaska’s cost of dwelling is every other story.

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So how much does it price to stay in Alaska? Keep studying to discover.


What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Alaska?

Average fee of residing in Alaska: $48,739 per 12 months

If you are prepared to transport to Alaska, increase your month-to-month finances. Data accrued via MERIC inside the 0.33 sector of 2021 ranked Alaska because the kingdom with the 7th maximum fee of living. (Hawaii had the highest fee of dwelling inside the entire us of a.) To put various in this, the common overall personal intake value in Alaska is $48,739 in step with 12 months, according to 2020 facts from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Here’s how the spending breaks down.

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Cost Of Housing In Alaska

Average housing cost in Alaska: $806 to $1,933 according to month


Accommodation does not come cheap in Alaska. Redfin suggested that the common selling charge in October 2021 changed into $335,000. That compares with the median modern domestic price of $353,900 for all housing types that month, in line with the National Association of Realtors®.


Wherever you stay in Alaska, you won’t have many acquaintances, because the populace in 2019 become simply 731,545, consistent with the maximum currently available U.S. Census Bureau statistics.


Here’s what the month-to-month seems like, consistent with that census records:


  • Average Monthly Mortgage Cost: $1,933


  • Median studio rent: $806


  • Average one bed room lease: $985


  • Average  bedroom hire: $977


  • Average 3 bed room lease: $1,102


  • Average 4 bed room rent: $1,377


  • Average Gross Rent: $1,201

Health Care

Average fitness care cost in Alaska: $10,483 in keeping with character, in keeping with yr


According to the 2020 Bureau of Economic Analysis Personal Consumption Expenditure through State record, the average annual per capita price of health care in Alaska is $10,483.


How lots you will definitely spend relies upon on what form of coverage you’ve got that year, your specific health care wishes, and more.


Toddler Care

Average child care fee in Alaska: $906 to $1,442 or extra consistent with child, according to month


How tons you spend on toddler care each month will depend upon what number of children you have got, the sort of baby care you pick out, and in which you live. In Alaska, it is less expensive to pick domestic-based totally infant care, whether or not you have an toddler or a infant.


To analyze greater approximately how to get child care help to cover the charges of early early life training, visit childcare.Gov for sources you can find beneficial.


Highest marginal tax price in Alaska: 7.15%


While citizens of all states pay federal profits tax, of path, Alaskans are off the hook on the subject of country income tax, as stated by way of the Tax Foundation’s State Personal Income Tax Rates and Brackets. Has gone.

For 2021.


Other states that do not price kingdom earnings tax are Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. If you’re hoping to avoid a huge bill, in tax season, possibly transferring to this type of states will ease your burden.


Miscellaneous Charges

Now that we’ve mentioned all of the critical fees you may face at the same time as residing in Alaska, allow’s look at some of the more interesting fees.


If the average Alaskan spends $25,081 a year on private spending, in which is all that money going? Here are some of the viable places they may be spending on leisure activities (fees are accurate as of November 11, 2021):


  • Tickets to H2Oasis Water Park in Anchorage: $24.Ninety nine for all of us thirteen and older and $19.99 for children 3 to twelve.


  • The person admission charge to Denali National Park is $15 and is right for seven days, or you may spend $45 on an annual skip that accepts 4 adults for the 12 months.


  • Tickets to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage range from unfastened (under 2) to $17 (non-resident adults) relying on age.


Of route, if you’re seeking out a free pastime, there are lots of hiking opportunities in Alaska when climate lets in.

How Much Money Do You Need To Live Effectively In Alaska?

What it method to live comfortably will range from character to individual. The length of your circle of relatives, way of life picks and other factors can have an effect on how reachable a cozy lifestyle is. Location additionally plays a position.


With this in thoughts, it’s miles well worth noting that Alaska is considered one of the least low-priced locations to stay inside the United States. According to U.S. News & World Report’s Affordability Ranking, Alaska is the fourth least inexpensive country to stay in.


This file measures the average fee of residing in a given country towards the average quantity in maximum families.. The low ranking is not any marvel, as MERIC data for 2021 ranked Alaska because the state with the seventh-maximum fee of residing.


What Is The Town With The Lowest Cost Of Living In Alaska?

As you’ve got seen, dwelling in Alaska can fee lots of cash. Let’s take a better observe the 3 foremost cities in Alaska with the lowest expenses, in keeping with the Council for Community and Economic Research’s Cost of Living Index for the second zone of 2021.

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The main Alaskan town with the bottom livability index (122.9) is the well-known metropolis of Anchorage, recognized for outdoor activities which include hiking, canoeing, and biking. The metropolis additionally has lots of possibilities for arts and leisure.



While Fairbanks is one of the more inexpensive places to stay in Alaska (dwelling index of 127.2), it is a fairly small metropolis. Fairbanks changed into home to 96,849 residents as of 2019, census facts confirmed.



Did you realize that you could enjoy island lifestyles in Alaska? With a value-of-living index of 125.1, Kodiak is one of the greater low-priced Alaska cities to live in. Kodiak is on Kodiak Island, that’s over one hundred miles lengthy and is the second biggest island inside the United States. Residents recognise the island as the Emerald Isle as it is a fabulous island full of nature.


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