Desert Safari Dubai: Evening Safari Experience in the Desert

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This Safari gives the best experience of life in the Desert: 

To escape the drudgery of the city, you get in a 4×4 and drive out into the vast Desert. As you race against the sand dunes in Desert Safari Dubai, you start your quest to understand what it’s like to live in a desert. Everyone knows that the evening is the best time to feel the energy of the Desert.

You leave for your trip in the late afternoon, excited to try something new. and You are in a vast area of soft, sparkling sand dunes with a reddish-orange tint and no end. You are free to look at the fantastic beauty of the Arabian Desert as the sun goes down in the amber sky. The fun and games aren’t over yet. At the Bedouin Camp, you can have a cultural night with all the comforts of today. Beautiful belly dancers will leave you spellbound with their moves.

So, to help you choose the best nighttime desert safari in Dubai, we’ve put together a detailed guide to desert safaris there.


Evening and morning desert safaris


What time is best

Desert safaris in the morning are better than those in the morning because they may get too hot by midday. As day turns to night, warm desert sunshine gives way to a cold, windy evening. There has never been a better time to go quad riding, sand surfing, or do anything else you want to do outside.

The famous Bedouin camp is more relaxing in the evening than in the morning because you have more time. The only way to experience these and other unique parts of Arabian culture is to go on an evening desert safari. This is the only way to see the stars at night and eat traditional Arabian food, among other things.



Evening desert safaris can include both traditional and exciting things to do. First, you can dune-bash in a Hummer, Land Cruiser, or 4×4. Changing sand dunes are fun to drive through in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. You can spend the rest of your time taking it all in, taking some great photos, riding a quad bike, driving a buggy, or just sandboarding on the dunes.


How to Eat Well and Have Fun

This exciting trip doesn’t end with an evening safari. When you get to the Bedouin Camp, in the middle of a desert, there are many more things to do. Enjoy the beautiful dance moves of the belly dancers, get your hands painted with beautiful henna patterns or colorful tattoos, and smoke shisha while watching the belly dancers, who will invite you to join in the fun.


After a quick breakfast in the morning, safaris may have a tasty meal at the camp in the evening. Your taste buds are in for a wide variety of classic and continental vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You can try everything from fresh fruit and salads to Arabic coffee, grilled Middle Eastern meat, and more during the evening.


Evening Desert Safari, as Usually Seen

Most nighttime desert safaris pick you up and drop you off at your hotel to make things easier. The first step is to drive out of the city to a peaceful desert campsite like Red Lahbab or Dubai Conservation Reserve. The fun dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle sets the tone for the rest of the trip. An expert will drive you across the sand dunes on an exciting adventure that will get your heart racing. This is also how all camp fun and exciting things work.

You can do a lot of desert sports at the camp, such as sandboarding, driving a specially made vehicle called a “dune buggy,” and going on the famous camel rides. Falconry is an old way of hunting with falcons that can be added to some safaris.

Exotic dance styles like Tanoura and belly dancing will draw you in.

As you’re being driven back to your hotel, you say your goodbyes and think about what a fantastic night it was.

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How to Make the Most of an Evening Safari


  • If you go on a desert safari at night, you should wear comfortable, casual clothes to participate in all the fun things.
  • Since you’ll be getting in and out of the car on the

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