Does The Width of The Bubble Wrap Have Any Importance?

Maria James

Bubble Wrap Roll

Packaging materials have an important role to play in shifting to new places and in shipping products. They are made up of different protective materials that keep the items safe from damage. Moreover, they are made up of reused and recycled materials. This means they are biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly in nature. There are different types of packaging products. Each packaging product has a major role to play. These packaging products come in different sizes. The most interesting thing is that they are customisable, hence you can give them in different shapes according to the shape and size of the items to be packed in them.

Bubble wrap is a packaging material that has a major role to play in shifting or shipping products. It is a plastic sheet consisting of air bubbles on one side of the sheet. These air bubbles act as a soft cushion for the items that are wrapped with it. They are used to wrap delicate and fragile items that are prone to breakage and damage. Generally, this packaging supply is available as a bubble wrap roll in the market.

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Important Features About Bubble Wraps

  • Bubble wrap is lightweight. It is available in different sizes. The size mainly varies according to the air bubbles present in it and according to its length and width. The air bubbles are either small in size or large in size.
  • Bubble wrap is easy to use. You just need to wrap it around the fragile items properly. The most interesting feature is that these packaging materials are customisable in nature. You can customise it by trimming it to the size of the item.
  • Bubble wrap is strong and durable. You can use it for a long period of time, at least till the time its bubbles are properly intact.
  • Different types of bubble wraps are used for different types of items. Large size bubble wraps are used to wrap furniture items, small size for mirrors and glass materials and anti-static bubble wraps for wrapping electronic items. These packaging supplies are highly useful.
  • These packaging materials are resistant to water and air, and also, if you use them, your items remain protected from abrasion.

Is Bubble Wrap’s Width Important?

The first and the foremost thing is that you need to have a look at the items that you are going to wrap with bubble wraps. Accordingly, you need to purchase bubble wrap rolls from the market. The bubble wrap rolls are of different length and width. You can buy a bubble wrap roll of convenient length and width according to the items that you need to wrap. You will find out that the length of the bubble wrap varies a lot. The width of the bubble wrap does not matter a lot.

There is a reason because of which the width of the bubble wrap is not important. If the bubble wrap is lengthy enough, you do not need to worry anymore. You wrap the items in different layers of bubble wrap to cover the width of the object. Therefore, these packaging materials are highly customisable. Do not buy a bubble wrap roll that is too wide. Because, ultimately it will end up in the garbage bin. So, it is recommendable to buy a bubble wrap roll that is half a metre wide. Also, you will end up paying more for a wide roll of bubble wrap, including the postage fees.

Moreover, it is easy to wrap an item with a bubble wrap that is long as compared to the bubble wrap that is wide. A lengthy bubble wrap covers both the length and width of the item. Whereas a wide bubble can only cover the width of the item. So lengthy bubble wrap roll protects the items from all potential damage. Most importantly, if the roll of bubble wrap is long, it becomes easy to store it in the house as it occupies less space. But if the roll of bubble wrap is wide, it becomes difficult to store it in the house, as it takes up more space.

Summing Up

From all the above points it is clear that the width of the bubble wrap roll is not important. It is the length that plays a major role in protecting the products. So, from now on whenever you are going to buy these packaging supplies, make sure that you are giving more importance to their length.

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