EZ Texting – A Text Blast Service to Promote Your Business

Maria James

If you are looking for a text blast service, you’ve come to the right place. While not everyone has a smart phone, most consumers have a cellular phone and are willing to receive text messages from your brand. Moreover, 75% of consumers say they like to receive text messages from brands.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a text blast service with a lot of features to promote your business and generate leads. This service helps you send promotional texts to your customers in bulk, and has a high open and response rate. This will encourage your customers to engage with your company and build brand awareness.

The service works in accordance with the rules of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). These guidelines include rules on what is not appropriate material for text marketing. The content should not contain violence, hate speech, or anything that encourages illegal activity. If you find out that your text blasts contain such material, your text blast service will likely terminate your account.

EZ Texting has a simple setup process. It will ask you your name and contact information. It will also ask you questions regarding your experience to determine how to best use the service. In addition, the service provides videos and tips to make the process easier. The company will also send you an email with links to its “Getting Started” page, where you can send your first message.

In addition to sending out SMS messages, EZ Texting allows you to send long links within the text messages. This is a great way to increase conversions. The platform also has robust list building tools. Among these tools are SMS Keywords, which are the best way to build a mobile subscriber list. Moreover, SMS Keywords help you track your customers and save on employee time.

However, the minimum monthly texting limit of EZ Texting is prohibitively high. The most expensive service plan costs $0.056 per text, compared to $0.0112 per text sent by Textedly. Also, EZ Texting credits do not roll over to the following month. Despite these shortcomings, EZ Texting has a 14-day free trial, which allows you to send 50 messages and one keyword.

Group Texting

Group texting services can help companies communicate with their customers. For example, restaurants can use group texting to offer discounts and promotions to customers. Churches can use group texting to promote community cohesion, and campaigns can use group texts to coordinate events and meetups. Real estate companies can use group text announcements to market their properties and boost club membership.

Creating and sending group texts is simple, and doesn’t require technical expertise. Users simply text a word or phrase to a short code. These groups are often called textwords, and there’s no limit to how many textwords you can send. You can even segment your list based on data.

Many group texting services come with free trials, and you can opt-in for 100 free text credits to try them out. Group texting services offer a wide range of features, from mobile to standard desktop PC. For example, they let you create unlimited lists and segments, and they boast exceptional contact administration tools.

Group texting services are an excellent way to reach a large number of customers quickly. Like mass email marketing, they allow businesses to reach a wide audience. Group text messaging also offers businesses an opportunity to interact with a variety of individuals and share information. These messages can be personalized and even include new products or discounts. The process is easy. You can send messages to a list of contacts in as little as three simple steps.

There are some disadvantages to group messaging on Android. One is that you can’t add new members to an existing group. This is possible on other mobile devices like Facebook Messenger, but not on Android. Moreover, you need to activate MMS in order to send group messages to group members. This can be difficult for Android users.

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