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Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Face ID

Imagine you are in a wilderness hiding from some thugs. You are sweating and scared for your life, so you keep running. They are after your money and iPhone 14 pro max. You try to call the police by hiding in a shelter of a tree. The fastest way you can think of is unlocking your phone with a Face ID, but it is not working. You also don’t recall the passcode because of panic. What would you do? Well, it is one of the extreme situations you must avoid by keeping your Face ID feature in check. Apple’s Face ID feature is one of the fastest features that has replaced the touch ID in brand-new phones. The biometric protocol has designed an impeccable security layer for iPhone 14 pro max users. People prefer convenience and therefore consider the Face ID feature as one of the easiest and quickest ways to unlock their phones. It irritates us when the feature doesn’t work and we need to use our phone during emergencies and  horrible situations. Flash Fix London is a mobile phone fix store that has provided a few fixes to solve the Face ID issue. Let’s fix it without further ado. 

Why is my iPhone 14 pro max Face ID not working?

There can be several reasons behind your Face ID feature not working. It might be possible that your phone has a software bug and you need to update your iOS software to make it work again. Another reason might be that your face ID is locked because it hasn’t recognized your face five times. You might have to change the pattern or a passcode to solve the issue. Along with that, wrong orientation, incorrect settings, hardware failures and wrong accessories can stop the feature from working. Let’s see how you can fix all these issues.

Restart your phone

Mobile phone repair shop London says that iOS is one of the most optimized and flawless software there is, but it also has a lot of bugs, malware, viruses, temp, caches and cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to update the software of your mobile often. If your face ID feature is not working, you must restart your iPhone 14 pro max. Doing this will remove and eliminates all the bugs and malware. All you need to do is press and hold the power button of your phone until it shows you the power slider. Slide it to the right and turn off your phone. Wait for a minute or two before turning it on, so that it reboots and refreshes itself completely. No turn your phone on and see if the face ID feature has started working. 

Clean the camera and Face ID sensor

Most people face ID issues because of a dirty sensor. We use our smartphones 24/7 a day. We take it everywhere with us, so it is prone to get dust and debris. It is essential to maintain the device and clean the camera. If your face ID is not working, you must remove the protective casing. No need to take off the screen protector. Now take a lint-free microfiber cloth and start cleaning the screen and sensor thoroughly. If there are stains present on your display, a mobile phone repair shop in London recommends you use isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean the stain. Don’t use any liquid as it will damage the electronic products. Many people have a habit of using wet hard cloth which is not good for your phone. 

Try to Add an Alternative Face

There is a huge diversity in human faces. They have different shapes, sizes and colours. In case you ever feel that your face ID is not working, you can always add an alternative face to it. Using an alternative face gives you a chance to unlock your phone instantly. To do this, go to settings, click on face ID and passcodes, enter your passwords and set up the alternative face appearance. This time iPhone 14 pro max will try to recognize and identify your face from different angles and will unlock your device. 

Restart Face ID

Another thing you must try to make the feature work is to restart the feature. First, close all the apps from the background and refresh your phone. It will also close the settings and Face ID feature. Now you can restart the feature from the scratch by turning off the biometric option. To do that, you have to visit the settings and click on face ID and passcodes. You will see iPhone unlock option on your screen. Along with that, there will be Apple pay and wallet, password autofill, passwords and an app store. It is recommended by the phone fix shop in London to turn off all the options without removing the password. In the end, close your settings and toggle on the options by going to face ID and passcodes. 

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