FlexiSPY: Prices, Works, Analysis and Opinions

Maria James


FlexiSPY is an advanced monitoring software that allows you to track mobile phones. It is notable for its wide range of basic features, as well as its live call recording and interception options. It is also characterized by the limited variety of subscription plans and because its price is above average.


Flexispy app is a spy application that has various features. Below we detail some of them:

Multiple tracking options. FlexiSPY tracks SMS, text messages, calls, emails, BB messages and WhatsApp.

  • Live interception of calls.
  • Live call recording.
  • Monitoring of what happens in the surroundings of the phone. Take pictures with the camera remotely. All information is sent to the user’s account. This account can be accessed from any computer.
  • Call report. The application provides a detailed call report.
  • Access to contacts. You can access the contact directory and view any changes to this list.
  • Track messages on WhatsApp. This application allows you to track the messages exchanged through WhatsApp.
  • GPS tracking. FlexiSPY allows GPS tracking, enabling an option to view a person’s location and movements on a map. It also sends a report to the user with all the details.

Please note that this software does not have any blocking options for websites or applications. It is also not possible to block numbers and contacts. For this reason, it would not be the most recommended application for those parents who want to prevent their children from accessing certain content on the web or from having contact with some people through their mobile device.


A very positive feature of this application is that it allows you to access the messages that are exchanged through the popular WhatsApp instant messaging platform. However, it has its drawbacks in monitoring other data. We recommend carefully analyzing the type of information you want to track before choosing Flexispy as your final option.


Chrome – The Observer. Recent scandals show how easy it is to hack a mobile phone and gain access to other people’s conversations. Security is one of the great obsessions of the technological giants that in recent months have been implementing new encryption systems to prevent third parties from having access to their users’ communications.

An example is WhatsApp, which last April reinforced the security of calls and messages with an end-to-end encryption system. So that no one, except the receiver and the sender, can read that content. A service that is already used by other messaging applications such as Telegram or Facetime.

But security is not only guaranteed from the software, and there are already hacker-proof smartphones on the market. This is the case of the Blackphone. At first glance, it may seem like a high-end Android mobile, but it has a peculiarity that makes it unique: all communications are encrypted by default. In Spain, the Podemos party bought several of these devices in 2014, as reflected on the transparency website of Pablo Iglesias’ formation, which records all its expenses.


FlexiSPY offers good customer support options, available 24/7. It has a live chat service and a forum on its website where a large number of questions raised by users are answered. Also, it has numerous videos and comparison charts for users to understand how the product works.


The price of the Premium version is $149 and the Extreme version is $349.


This software is compatible with the main operating systems (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile). FlexiSPY has all the basic features of a tracking software, but it definitely lacks some features common to other applications. Something you should keep in mind is the price, as it is quite high. Anyway, considering that FlexiSPY offers such a powerful feature as live call interception and recording, though sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

A serious option to take into account, but which often lacks the stability that is essential for software of this type; After all, we don’t want the application to fail at the most important moment or suddenly start throwing error messages on the cell phone, where we don’t want the user to find out about its existence.


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