Getting Started With SAT Preparation From Scratch

Maria James

SAT preparation

If you’re gearing up to take the SAT, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to learn. You might feel like there is too much information and not enough time. Well, worry no more, as now there are tutors and online prep courses for SAT to help you tackle this marathon course with endurance and confidence.

SAT scores are used for admissions by some top-rated colleges in the US and for deciding on scholarships. The test consists of three parts that test a student’s reading, writing & language, and quantitative abilities (math). For beginners in the SAT preparation journey, here’s everything you need to know to do well in SAT exam.

Why Is SAT Preparation So Tough?

It could be argued that its dual role as both a high-stakes exam for students and a college marketing tool makes it challenging for anybody interested in education, especially college counselors. However, you can join sat prep classes to learn from the best teachers rather than spend some time figuring it out on your own.

Before taking the SAT, you must register with the College Board. The first step to registering is to choose which test dates you intend on taking. The computer-based test gives you 2 hours for each section; you will need to finish these in one sitting. The test will also include a math component, but only students without high math scores may need to take the optional math subject optional.

Three Sections of SAT Exam

Writing and reading are considered the easiest and high scoring sections of SAT. Therefore, those who want to ace their SAT must focus on scoring as much as possible in these two sections.

  1. Writing & Language

This section contains 52 questions and a time limit of 65 minutes. It is comparatively an easy segment, and you should aim to answer between 45-50 questions correctly in this section while aiming to get one essay correct per page. There are four to five passages in this paper, and candidates have to read and answer multiple types of questions.

  1. Reading

The reading also includes five to six reading passages with 44 multiple-choice questions. The total time allotted for this section is 35 minutes, enough to read and answer every question. It contains passages mostly high school-level material, with some more difficult passages thrown in. You should aim to finish this section within time while getting as many questions correct as possible while not wasting too much time on difficult passages.

  1. Math

The math component does not require prior knowledge of basic arithmetic and geometry, but you must know how to perform such operations with relative efficiency. The paper is divided into two parts, non-calculator questions, and calculator-based questions. Some basic formulas that are commonly are also provided for reference.

Tips & Strategies to Beat SAT Exam

The major strategy here is preparation. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You should expect to be overwhelmed by the information you will have to take in, but don’t let yourself be stressed out. Instead, take the stress out with a little positive approach and give yourself more relaxed times for some breaks so that you can keep at it consistently. Here are a few more tips for you to ace your SAT:

  • Set realistic goals for yourself. As hard as it may seem to get a perfect score, you should still aim for it by trying to get around a 25-30 on the reading and math sections.
  • To learn from the basics level, join sat prep courses that cover every segment and topic, which is important for SAT.
  • If you are new to these exams, don’t expect too much from yourself. This is too harsh, but it will not be pleasant if you get a lot of wrong answers.

Remember, the SAT is all about time management. So try to keep track of how much time you are spending on actually taking the test and not frittering away your time in the wrong areas.

To Conclude

SAT preparation is a highly stressful task for your entire family, but with a little planning and an eye for what needs to be done, you should be able to ace the test. All those tips above can help you in your quest to achieve good scores on the exam.

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