Gojek Clone: An Unique App For Your Multi-Service Business

Maria James

gojek clone

The Gojek Clone is a unique on-demand multi-service app that brings an abundance of benefits to the table. It is not just any mobile app, it is a digital platform with an assortment of 82+ on-demand services such as online video consultation, taxi booking, at-home services, etc. As compared to other multi-service apps, this masterpiece portrays a brilliant combination of the latest technologies, robust apps, and multiple services, all in one! 

What Makes This Top-notch Super App Unique?

In this section let’s discuss a few key things that make the app so unique that even the competitors want to be like you. 

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1. It offers quick delivery 

Unlike building the app from scratch, this unique app is already made! That means, it is pre-built, market-tested, and made bug-free. Therefore, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about designing the app and coding it! 

The white-labeling experts who’d be working on your app will develop and launch your unique Gojek Clone app in just 1 to 2 weeks! That is all the time the experts need to white-label the app and launch it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

2. Single-tap bookings 

Booking service on the application is very easy. Once the customer selects the services they want, they have to go to the checkout page and with a single tap on the phone choose:

  • Book Now 
  • Book Later 

By tapping on Book Now, the customers can select instant service booking. Herein, the provider will arrive soon after the customer books the service. On the other hand, by clicking on the Book Later option, the customer can schedule the service at a later date and time. 

3. Virtual bidding for prices

Virtual bidding in real-time is fairly a new concept. Think of it as negotiating with the service provider on the Gojek Clone app. Virtually bidding saves you a lot of time that may go into getting quotations for a task manually from the local handymen. 

As soon as the customer posts a task on the app, the multi-service app notifies all the service providers of the selected category. The providers can then accept the request, reject it, or start negotiating by continuing with the “make an offer” option. 

4. Order tracking 

Customers can track the order easily through the app itself. The on-demand multi-service app comes integrated with order tracking features. Here, the customers can locate the service provider on the in-built map and also get an accurate estimated time of arrival. 

Such a detailed order tracking system makes it easy for the customers to figure out where their order is and how much time it will take to reach them. 

5. Online payment options following the no-cash payment trend

The Gojek Clone app allows customers to make an online payment via credit cards or through wallet-to-wallet transactions. Trust the words, online payments have made it easy for customers to pay for the service digitally without worrying about carrying cash everywhere they go!

All these key reasons make the app more interesting and unique from the perspective of customers. If you too find this mobile app worth giving a shot at, then get started with a demo app trial for FREE! 


On a concluding note, let me raise a key point here. While planning to develop the app, make sure you search for well-established and licensed white-labeling experts. Only they have the right resources and experience to build and launch a perfect Gojek Clone multi-service app. 

Launch your multi-service app with the industry’s best developers and see the app quality escalate to that of your peers! Become rich, successful, and famous without having to splurge all your life’s savings!

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