How to Design a HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Website

Maria James

If you’re looking to design a healthcare website, there are some things you need to keep in mind. The design must be HIPAA-compliant, and your website should be user-friendly, not overloaded with too many pages and features. HIPAA compliance is critical for patient safety and should be taken into consideration when selecting a healthcare website design company. Below are some guidelines to follow:


One of the most important aspects of a user-friendly healthcare website is its organization. Many websites are phenomenal and even decent, but some websites just make it hard to navigate. A simple, logical design with plenty of white space helps direct visitors’ attention to the information they’re looking for. This is an important component of any healthcare website, and should be carefully considered for any project. The following are some useful guidelines for achieving a user-friendly website design.

HIPAA compliant

If you own a medical practice, it is essential that your website design be HIPAA compliant. Non-compliant websites may be shut down and fined by the government. This law was passed to protect the privacy of medical records. A HIPAA compliant website is essential if you want patients to safely share personal health information online. Here are some guidelines that should help you design a HIPAA-compliant website.

Limited color palette

When choosing colors for your healthcare website design, it is important to stick to a limited color palette. Using a limited color palette helps you choose colors that convey a calm and soothing feeling. Using a color scheme with a limited number of hues can help you avoid making your site look overly busy and disorganized. You should also choose colors that evoke a sense of wellbeing, rather than distress, and avoid contrasting colors with one another.

Call to action

Besides including a call to action in your healthcare website design, it’s also important to incorporate brand elements such as logo, colors, and social media accounts. This will not only increase awareness about the brand, but will also boost the trust of audience members. So, how do you implement this in your healthcare website design? Here are some ideas:

Organization of information

Optimal website navigation is crucial to the success of any healthcare website. When a visitor arrives at a healthcare website, he or she has a particular purpose. Hence, the information on the site should be organized logically and the primary navigation should be easy to navigate. By following best practices, visitors can easily find what they need. A search field or button can also be useful to help visitors locate the information they need.


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