How to Embroider Cogarment T-Shirts

Embroidery can be a great way to personalize your t-shirts. But before you start designing your own t-shirts, you need to know a few things. You should always ask for permission when using another person’s artwork. It is especially important to get permission before you use it for commercial purposes. Then you can start to find unique designs for your Cogarment t-shirts.

Workout tees

Workout tees from CoGarment are a great choice for the active individual. Featuring a four-way stretch design, they cling to the body in the right places but not in the wrong ones. They also feature raglan sleeves to keep sleeve riding to a minimum. They’re also lightweight and comfortable to wear in everyday life. These tees are made with UPF protection and a quick-drying material.

Stretchable t-shirts

Stretchable garment t-shirts are made of knit fabrics, such as cotton and polyester. Most of these garments are made from jersey, which is an inexpensive, comfortable fabric. Many are also screen-printed, making them a popular option. Some are available in tubular form, which makes the production process easier. Those that need a tighter fit often use rib knit fabrics. And because of their breathable properties, they are ideal for hot or humid weather.

Single jersey vs interlock vs single jersey

When buying a t-shirt, you must know which fabric to choose. There are two types of fabric, interlock and single jersey. Interlock fabrics are made of cotton, while single jerseys are made of polyester-cotton blends. If you are not sure what fabric to choose, you can easily tell by cutting the fabric. Jersey fabric has wavy edges that curl inward when cut.


Embroidery on a t-shirt can be a simple task if you know the proper techniques. The first step is to determine the size of your design. Choose a digitized design or a large-scale border design. Mark the design’s center on the shirt using a chalk wheel or water-soluble fabric marker. Alternatively, you can print out a template design from embroidery software and line it up on the shirt. This will help you to determine where to place your design on the shirt. To do this, check the embroidery placement guide.

Single jersey

When considering the type of fabric to use for a t-shirt, single jersey is an excellent choice. This fabric is soft and breathable, with no lock-in between the garment and the wearer’s skin. Its unique single-jersey construction allows it to stretch both in width and length, making it ideal for everyday use. Despite this, you should pay close attention to the design of a t-shirt when choosing a single-jersey fabric.


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