How to extend Laptop’s battery lifespan by Computer Repair Service


Laptop’s battery lifespan

Laptops have become an essential need nowadays. Each one of us depends on our laptops for different purposes, especially for work and business, and that is why we want our laptops to work all the time correctly. One of the most crucial parts of your Laptop is the battery which is not only tricky but also costly when you decide to replace it. Gadget batteries wear out with time but not will the same speed. It can be possible that if you and your friend have the same laptop brand, its battery life could be different after two years. It depends on how you charge your battery, heat, and steer clear of zero-charge. 

So if you dont want to go through all that difficulty, you must keep it in great shape, but how will you do it? Computer Repair Services like Alamogordo Technology Solutions give some best suggestions for improving the laptop’s battery lifespan. 

Know more about Laptops

Almost all the batteries today are made up of lithium-ion, including laptop and mobile phone batteries. These batteries serve for good for at least 3 years, but it also depends on how you charge it, power levels, and environmental factors. Batteries cannot be made to last for a lifetime, so a person has to take care of their gadget batteries and take precautions to increase and extend the lifespan of batteries. 

Precautions on How to extend battery life

How you charge your battery decides a great deal of its life. Laptop Repair Services advise us to closely monitor the charging and recharging cycles to improve their life. 

40-80 percent charge is good

If you don’t always have a laptop’s charger all the time, you must keep the battery charging above 40%, and when you decide to recharge it, at least do it up to 80% if the capacity of your laptop is good and you are sure that it will work longer. Doing this will keep your battery safe and increase its longevity, but unluckily, this method is hard for some people to follow. No matter how good this charging routine is, some people have overscheduled work, are always on the road working, or might have charge anxiety. But if you dont have any problem with battery life and always carry a charger with you, following this routine will do the deed. If you charge your battery when it gets critically low to 100%, it will give you average charging cycles of 300 to 500, but if you want it to give you more than 1000 charging cycles, remember to keep it above 40 and up to 80%. Many custom build computer repair shops offer a charge limiter in the manufacturer’s support software, so you must check that to see the charge limit of your laptop. 

Left your laptop plugged in? Don’t let it run hot

If you keep your laptop plugged in regularly to 100% charging, dont let it run hot because when the laptop is charged to 100%, modern laptops stop charging and shift the power to the system. If you are doing work on your laptop, like compilation or any other substantial work, or using your laptop in an environment with too much heat and sunlight, it will become hot. Full battery and heat exposure? Uh-oh! Not a good combination. Your laptop will lose its life and get damaged. 


Laptops shouldn’t be kept on beds, laps, or any soft surface because they are compact, and keeping them on beds or laps can overheat them or cause a skin burn and kills battery life. Computer setup services say that when laptops get overheated, the heat can cause physical expansion and chemical changes in a battery, and it will die very quickly. To avoid this, keep your laptops off your pillow or lap, look for the vents, and try not to block them. Also, when your laptop is not in use, keep it in a place that is cool and away from sunlight. 

Dont let it get to zero

Keeping the charging of your laptop between 40 to 80% is advisable by computer and cell phone repair services but letting it go to zero is very tragic. Charging your device from critically zero to recharge fully causes undue stress and damages your battery. It is not good for your laptops and mobile phones as well. The only time you should completely discharge your battery is when installing a new one in a computing device, but it is for your device, not the battery. 

Replace if your battery has below 80% health

Despite taking all the precautions and taking care of your device, lithium-ion batteries dive in eventually. It is important to keep in check the health of your battery and replace it if its health falls below 80% because when it does, the internal resistance of your battery starts to build up, and it will take a longer time to charge your laptop or mobile phone. 

Computer repair services have all that you need. They have experts who help you when you face a problem with your battery. In modern laptops, it is not that difficult to replace a battery if the repairers know what they’re doing.

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