How To Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space?

Maria James

Bathroom Vanity Units cabinet

Doesn’t matter whether you have a large and spacey family bathroom, an en-suite, or a tiny cloakroom, you’ll always find yourself complaining “there’s not enough storage space.” Considering the number of toiletries, essentials, and basic cosmetic supplies, there’s a lot to be stored inside the bathroom. Unless, of course, you are comfortable having the objects lying around on your counter table. 

If you are looking to expand your bathroom storage space, apart from the standard Bathroom Vanity Units cabinet, we chunked up six clever ways to add more storage space to your bathroom.

Cabinet Door Shelves

Bathroom Vanity Units

While it may seem like flooding the room with numerous storage cabinets, you need to utilise every bit of space you can get for adding more storage. If the space allows, you should consider extending the cabinets horizontally or vertically. 

Elongated vertical cabinets provide a clever solution to indulging more storage space without compromising the room of the room. This makes it a feasible solution for compact and congested bathrooms. On top of the cabinet racks, install shallow shelves on the inside of long cabinet doors for storing your toiletries and shampoos which hide smoothly inside the cabinet.

Spinner Racks

Unlike traditional cabinets, spinner racks allow you access to the back of the cabinet without having to extend your hand to scour the insides and topple everything alongside. These rotatable racks come in a combination of 3 – 4 shelves that rotate around a centre steel axis which is fastened to the cabinet itself for support. Need anything from the back? Simply spin them round to get your favourite toiletries. These are normally built from stainless steel which ensures sturdiness and longevity.

Wall-Mounted Cubes

Bathroom Vanity Units

You don’t necessarily need to install full-fledged cabinets, especially if you are renovating your en-suite. If you are willing to incorporate a raw and open theme into your bathroom, perhaps you should experiment with open metal wired boxes that are meant to be mounted on the wall. 

They are quickly becoming a popular option for bathrooms with high humidity and moisture levels. You can either place your toiletries as it is or stores them inside large individual boxes. Since they are attached up on the wall, you may need a small bench or stool to access the supplies inside. 

Mirror Shelves

Instead of having your bathroom mirror attached straight to the wall, mounting it on a thin wall-mounted cabinet gives you additional space to store the bathroom amenities as well as the first aid box. Although it’s not a recent invention, it’s one of the widely adopted storage solutions used in compact bathrooms. 

However, a modern and upgraded version of mirror wall cabinets has only just launched recently. Primarily geared towards contemporary styled bathrooms, it uses elongated full-length mirrors with additional cardboard racks mainly used for storing lotions, shampoos, gels, conditioners and whatnot. 

Vanity Unit Organiser

For people who don’t have the luxury of space to install multiple storage units inside the room, they have to make their way around vanity cabinets. A vanity unit organiser serves as a genius way to utilise the available space. These can be very helpful in keeping things in place as whenever you open it, the thing in it would not be mixed up. 

Not only does it offer multiple storage racks, but the organiser also features slide out-boxes like drawers making sure you use every corner of the available space under the sink. Each of the sliding boxes can be used for different types of amenities from towels and robes to basic toiletries.

Utilize The Available Space Above Toilet. 

If you have a wall above your toilet, don’t forget to add in some shelving or cabinets for storage. You can use these spaces for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. when they’re not being used by storing them here instead of taking up valuable countertop space elsewhere! 

I learned this lesson after buying all new things only finding out later that my old ones were still good.

Shower Storage Can be a Good Idea Too. 

Invest in shower storage and keep your shampoo bottles from constantly falling over, it’s a win-win situation for you. I have had the same caddy shown above for years but depending on how large or small your bathroom is, there can be dozens of options available. It can be especially suitable for the people who wants to save space in the bathroom.  And you don’t worry about the aesthetics, because you will be able to find so many beautiful options to choose from. So, it can be a highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it all, our top tips on how to maximize your bathroom storage space! By following these simple guidelines, you can declutter your bathroom and create a more functional and organized space. If you’re still struggling to find enough storage room in your bathroom, then you search on the internet with plenty of other ideas that can help. Do let us know if you feel, there are more ideas that we can add in our list.

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