Indian Cuisine That You Should Give A Try

Maria James

Indian Cuisine

India is a paradise for foodie people. It offers many unique and tasty dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. There are thousands of cuisines that India holds around her arms. Many of those dishes are exported from one country to another too. The taste of Indian cuisine is authentic and epic. India is home to 1.50 billion people and the variation here continues from geographic to climatic and from language to cuisines. This type of simultaneous variation diversifies the victory of Indian culture.

So, get rid of your ga’at recipe, and try some Indian cuisine. To make the choice of food easy for you, we are here with the list of Indian cuisines that are best for you.

Makki Di Roti And Sarson Ka Saag

This dish is a traditional dish of India and is also eaten in Pakistan. Punjab people mostly love to eat this combination of food during winter. Makki ki roti is mainly bread that is prepared from cornflour and baked on a pan known as Tava.

Sarson ka is very famous in the movies of Indian cinema, and hence the Sarson ka saag becomes a special dish in Punjab. It is prepared by grinding and boiling the saag. Many mothers use this dish as mushy food for infants. So, whenever you visit an Indian restaurant, you must try this cuisine.


Dosa is a popular dish of south Indian people. The best part of southern dishes is that they are served on banana leaves. This shows how these people keep their traditions alive. Also, this way they promote eco-friendly elements. Dosa can be of many types such as masala dosa, plain dosa, Rava dosa, cheese dosa, or paper dosa.

They are prepared from flour, rice, and lentils by making a thin batter of it. Dosa is always accompanied by sambar, which involves pumpkin, and Indian mystical spices. This combination of dosa and sambar is liked by all even north Indian people.

Dal Makhani

Being a foodie does not mean you like to eat only junk food. Sometimes, a simple recipe of lentils can do the work. Dal makhani is made with different types of lentils, especially black lentils. Lentils are soaked for 24 hours and then it is mixed with butter and spices. This dish is commonly eaten in Punjab and north India. When eaten with hot rice and pickles, it gives an outstanding taste. This dish is even served at the wedding celebration or any traditional party.


Gujarat is one of the best states in India. Gujarat is famous for its ethnicity and tradition. Gujarati dress and cuisines are very popular all over the world. Many tourists like to have Gujarati dishes, as they are prepared with fewer spices and oil. Dhokla is one of the famous cuisines of Gujarat. It is like a savory snack for vegetarian people. It is made of split chickpeas, turmeric powder, ginger, baking soda, and soaked rice. This delicacy food will give a unique taste to your tongue.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani is the heart of India. It is aromatic rice that is prepared by soaking rice and cooking in sealed containers mixed with different spices, purees, saffron, and chicken or mutton is additionally added to it. Chicken or mutton is first marinated with curd and spices. Hyderabad is famous for its delicious cuisine. Hyderabadi biryani is available throughout India, so whenever you visit India, never miss having Hyderabad biryani for once.

Hence, these are the cuisines that are most famous all over India and outside India too. There are more to know about such cuisines, but keeping it short and precise, we must say, these are the must-have cuisines

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