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Jack Sullivan Rudd

Jack Sullivan Rudd is an American personality who has become very famous over the years, although he is just a teenager at the current stage of his life. Any individual who has a good knowledge of pop culture in America would definitely know who Jack Sullivan Rudd actually is and what he does.  

While Jack Sullivan Rudd had the spotlight to himself when he was born, he still made significant efforts in order to establish and develop his professional life and career. That being said, you should also note that Jack Sullivan Rudd has become a well-recognized personality on a considerable number of social media platforms.  

In this article, we will illuminate you with all the crucial details about Jack Sullivan Rudd, who is also commonly known to be the son of Paul Rudd, who is a famous personality as well.  

Getting Started with the Biography and Wiki of Paul Rudd Son

Who is Paul Rudd lookalike son Jack Sullivan Rudd? His Wiki-Bio, age.

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One of the many reasons why Jack Sullivan Rudd has become so famous over the years is that he is the son of Paul Rudd. This might leave you with a significant question, who exactly is Paul Rudd? Well, let us answer this query for you here! 

Paul Rudd is an extremely talented and popular actor, producer, and comedian at the same time. He is widely recognized by the general public for his active contributions to a significant number of movies and TV shows. Some of his contributions involve his roles in Friends (Between 2002-2004), Avengers Endgame (In 2019), and Ant-Man (In 2015).  

All About the Crucial Family Details and Educational Background of Paul Rudd Son 

Now that we have told you about the father of Jack Sullivan Rudd and the major cause of his fame, it is time that you also get to know about various other crucial family details of Jack Sullivan Rudd. The name of the mother of Jack Sullivan Rudd is Julie Yeager.  

In addition to this, you should also be aware of the fact that Jack Sullivan Rudd also has siblings in his immediate family. The name of the sister of Jack Sullivan Rudd is Darby. As far as the educational background of Jack Sullivan Rudd is concerned, you should be well aware of the fact that he is studying in middle school at the current stage of his life.  

Information About the Height, Weight, and Age of Jack Sullivan Rudd 

We are well aware of the fact that a significant number of the common public are interested in the life of Jack Sullivan Rudd. What is his exact age? How much does he weigh? What is the exact height of Jack Sullivan Rudd? Feel free to stick with us if you wish to find the answers to all such questions as we proceed further in this article!  

As far as the birth details of Jack Sullivan Rudd are concerned, we feel that you should be well aware of the fact that Jack Sullivan Rudd was born on the 20th of April, 2006, in the United States of America. At the present moment, Jack Sullivan Rudd is expected to be around 15 years old. Apart from this, the nationality of Jack Sullivan Rudd is American, while his ethnicity is mixed.  

Now, let us also tell you about the weight and height of Jack Sullivan Rudd in detail. Presently, Jack Sullivan Rudd has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches, while his body weight is around 43 kilograms, which is no doubt ideal for someone his age.  

As far as the hobbies of Jack Sullivan Rudd are involved, we should also tell you that he is a fitness freak and regularly exercises in order to keep his body fit. The physical appearances of Jack Sullivan Rudd indicate that he has light brown coloured eyes and blonde coloured hair.  

Who is the Girlfriend of Jack Sullivan Rudd? 

A wide majority of the common public wishes to know about his girlfriend of Jack. Keeping that in mind, we should tell you that Jack Sullivan Rudd is not committed to anyone at the current stage of his life.  

This is because of the fact that he is entirely focused on his studies. From this, we can also depict that he wishes to enjoy his teenage life to the fullest. However, there is no solid information available about the dating records of Jack Sullivan Rudd on the internet right now.  


Jack Sullivan Rudd is widely recognized as the son of Paul Rudd, who is a famous American comedian, actor, and producer. Currently, Jack Sullivan Rudd is just 15 years old and significantly focused on his career and professional life.

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