Jib Cranes: Its Key Features And Different Types

Maria James

Jib cranes

Construction is a meticulous task; there are several equipments that are deployed to ensure the seamless execution of the project. Timely completion of large-scale projects or required the right set of equipment. Earthmoving equipment is very common at a construction site, and one such piece of equipment you can find at most construction locations is a jib crane.

The best part about a jib crane is that you will have no problem in placing the crane at a suitable place, and there is no parking complications also. There is a greater change that you find in the rotational variety also.

Cranes are usually used to transfer products from one place to another. Different types of cranes are used to serve different purposes in construction industry and various Business. This is the most commonly used industrial crane. It has a base plate that is mounted for better usability, and you can also find the jib cranes that are entirely free mounted.

The screens have a simpler design and are usually used for lifting weight between 250 lbs. to 15 tons. The ergonomic Ali constructed difference makes it easy for the user to lift the products and items and transfer them to the desired location without hassle.

Key Features Associated With Jib Cranes:

Reach/Boom -As we have mentioned above, the difference is a horizontal pillar or a boom attached to a hoist. This horizontal blood has a hook used to lift the product and transfer it to the desired site.

Mast/Pillar – The supporting structure is a vertical of blood to which the horizontal boom is attached.

Trolley – This motorized system is connected; it has a hook along its length and passes through the horizontal beam. The foundation mounted cranes are tall and strong and they have a bigger benefit when it comes to the overall industrial or commercial use of the same.

Rotation – There are different models available; if you opt for a rotational shift green, it is a freestanding ship grain that can move 360°. And in case you opt for a column-mounted jib crane, it rotates between 180-200°.

Electrification/Pneumatic Power – To power the jeep Karen and electric collect a ring or pneumatic airlines are added. This provides high power to the cream ensuring seamless functioning.

jib crane

Types Of Jib Cranes

There are different types of differences in each of them is designed to serve different purposes.

Articulating crane

  1. It comes with two swivel arms, a boom, and two swivel arms.
  2. This crane rotates between 200°and 300°.
  3. It is good for lifting weight up to 1 ton.
  4. Good for light lifting tasks

Freestanding Crane

  1. Easy to install at your desired location
  2. It is good for indoor and outdoor usage
  3. It can rotate 360°.
  4. This lift is good for lifting 15 tons of weight
  5. You can either mount it or install it on the ground.

Foundationless Crane

These are similar to a freestanding crane

It can rotate 360°.

Mast Type Crane

It is easy to install on a 6-inch concrete surface

It can lift 40 tons of weight

Wall-Mounted Crane

These are mounted on the wall

It can rotate more than 200°.

Wrapping it up!!!

This was the basic information on different and their key. Based on your project requirement, you can choose and install the best and right type of crane which is used for various prepose. There are several service providers that offer jib crane hire. Make sure that you shortlist the best options and compare before crane hire. You can get the cranes in different varieties, and even the sleeve insert mounted ones are there that can provide the right excavation use when you take them for major commercial and construction or renovation use.

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