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Kasol has been a favorite destination for travelers looking for harmony and peace away from their daily schedules. However, this place is also a haven for curious travelers who enjoy stunning views.

These are the top trekking routes in Kasol, which include both thrilling and terrifying treks. These places are breathtaking and you’ll be tempted to go there.

  • Tosh Trek
  • Rasol Trek
  • Kalga Trek
  • Chandrakhani Pass Trek
  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek


Tosh Trek

Tosh Trek will take you deep into the Parvati Valley in the Himalayas. It is at an elevation of approximately 2,400m with 7,874 feet in the Parvati valley near Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. This takes only one and a quarter hours to cover the 20 km from Kasol to Tosh. It is located on the banks of the Tosh River and has become a popular tourist destination.

October to June are the best months to visit this paradise. Kasol enjoys mild and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. However, the magic of this area is best experienced between March and May. Temperatures range from 15-22 degrees.


Rasol Trek

Rasol, a small village located in the mountains of Parvati valley at a distance of 348 meters, is 8 km long.

ThisTrek starts in Chalal and takes approximately 4 hours. It is a difficult climb that will test your endurance and patience.

Rasol is identified by the inscriptions on the rocks. You can trek for two hours through beautiful scenery. The pine forests are thickly covered in the mountains. Clouds surrounded the mountains.

April to December is the best time. Winter is the best time to go on a Rasol trek. The winter season will bring comfort because of the colder weather and cool breezes.


Kalga Trek

Many trekkers love Kalga and are attracted to it. It is rarely visited so one can enjoy some solitude and the peace of nature.

Although it is a challenging trek, Kalga can be reached easily as there are no major obstacles. Tulga and Pulga are three villages less well-known but offer the most tranquility. You can also take the Kheerganga Trek, which is less well-known so few people choose this route.

From Barshaini bridge, the trek to Kalga begins at Kalga village. The route is clear and can be reached in less than an hour.

Kalga Trek distance: 3-4 km Walking time is between 30 and 45 minutes. This is the simplest trekking route, compared to Pulga or Tulga.

Kalga’s autumn months are the best, from September to November. The valley is in full bloom after the monsoon rains, and you can simply enjoy the beauty of nature without worrying.


Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Chandrakhani Pass, located at 3,650m above sea level, is in the Kullu District of Himachal. Because of its easy slope, it is an excellent beginner trek.

Chandrakhani Pass acts as a bridge between Kullu valley and Parvati valley. Naggar is the starting point. Previously Malana was all that was required to get to the village.

The thrilling Chandrakhani Pass Trek is located in the Kullu Valley. This trek is a great choice for those who love nature. It offers a variety of lush green trails and forested hills with jaw-dropping views.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek, a moderate to easy trek lasting five days, offers beautiful views and spectacular sunrises as well. These trails are open to all levels of trekkers, so you can discover the unspoiled beauty of Himachal.

The best time to visit Chandrakhani is between June and October. The distance to Chandrakhani Pass Trek is approximately 22 km.


Pin Parvati Pass Trek

This Pass is a trans-Himalayan trek that can be difficult for experienced trekkers who are looking for a challenge.

Pin Parvati is a Himachal Pradesh town called Bhuntar. The trek starts at 2,000m and climbs to an incredible height of 5,289m. It descends to the opposite side of Mudh, a small village in Spiti at 3,810m. The trail takes you through many terrains: forests, grasslands, rivers, waterfalls, and glaciers. It also passes through the dry land of Spiti.

Between June and September is the best time to trek to Pin the Parvati Pass.


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