Know About the Hand Washing Steps Healthy for You

Maria James

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Hand washing is one of the best ways to maintain clean hands and protect against illness. But when you don’t know how to do it properly, it can be ineffective. These effective tips will help you wash your hands using the proper process and the right products. If you want to keep diseases at bay, you need to make hand washing a habit. 

Hand washing is one of the most important and effective ways to prevent the spread of infections in healthcare settings and at home. You should clean them thoroughly before and after preparing food and eating and using the bathroom or other areas of the home that could be harbouring germs. Rub your hands with warm water for at least 20 to 30 seconds, using Dettol Antiseptic Rub. 

If you don’t know when and how to wash your hands effectively, read this article to learn more about it.

Key Times to Wash Hands

  • Before and after preparation of food

You should wash your hands properly before and after preparing food. It is essential because bacteria and germs are spread easily during food preparation. Therefore, you need to wash your hands whenever you prepare food.

  • Before and after having food

It is necessary to ensure hand hygiene after handling food and before your meal. Before you begin your meal and after you have finished it, rub your hands for at least 30 seconds with warm water and Dettol clinical strength antiseptic hand rub. It will prevent the spread of germs.

  • After returning from work, school, or outdoors

When you return from work, school, or outdoors, washing your hands should be one of the first things you should do. To rid your hands of germs, use warm water and Dettol Antiseptic Rub. Make sure to clean your hands before going to bed.

  • Before and after caring for patients

You need to wash your hands before you care for and after caring for a patient. Make sure you clean them thoroughly, both forearms and palms. Sanitising your hands will prevent the risk of infections.

  • After using the toilet

After using the toilet, apply warm water and Dettol clinical strength antiseptic hand rub and scrub them. Remember to clean the areas between the fingers. Wash your hands after you have used the toilet to remove microbes like bacteria, viruses, and germs that you could spread to other people.

  • After touching animals, their cage, and food bowls

If you have touched animals, their cage, or food bowls, you need to wash your hands after that. There might be microbes from the feces of animals and fruit flies that may cause diseases.

  • After sneezing or coughing

Ensuring cleanliness after sneezing or coughing is very important. The microbes that you have sneezed or coughed can be transferred to those around you and cause diseases. That’s why you need to wash your hands thoroughly after sneezing or coughing.

5 Steps to Wash Your Hands the Right Way

  • Wet your hands with lukewarm water or tap water
  • Use a few pumps of Dettol Antiseptic Rub and form lather on your hands by rubbing them.  Apply a small amount of Dettol Antiseptic Rub your hands, and spread it across your entire palm. Make sure you use enough Dettol Antiseptic Rub so that all bacteria and viruses on your hands are destroyed.
  • You should then scrub your hands together for at least 20 to 30 seconds

You should also scrub all the areas between your fingers, nails, and all over your hands. It is the best way to ensure thorough hand washing. Rinse your hands with lukewarm or tap water thoroughly until the lather disappears

  • Dry your hands with a clean and warm towel or air dry.

After you are done wiping your hands, you need to dry your hands with a clean and warm towel or air dry.


If you want to live clean and healthy, then you have to make it a habit to wash your hands properly. This can make a big difference in your overall health. Using Dettol clinical strength antiseptic hand rub will help you get rid of microbes on your hands and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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