Reason For Failure Among Students 

Maria James

We talk about competitive exams with minimal seats and lakhs of students giving a paper. Students can go for different online classes using software such as LMS, ERP, and more to learn everything about the subject from the comfort of home or either opt for offline courses according to their convenience. This article will discuss the main reason for failure in the paper, either JEE, NEET, CLAT, CA, CAT, or any paper.



The biggest mistake that the candidates make is in planning. Generally, students study for a single day and then give the paper. However, do you think this is possible for the national-level papers to study that vast syllabus even before a week? Also than also you can’t be able to clear it, and that’s the truth? For the preparation, you need to be regular and disciplined; the biggest mistake that students make is that they don’t like an emphasis on regularity and take things for granted. However, try to organize everything and learn each topic every day, like if you want to know about different software used in online teaching platforms. Students first must find the technology used, like learning management systems, school management software, whiteboard, etc. Afterward, you need to get the details of each of them to have a better and clear understanding.


Too many resources:

This is true; available resources are abundant, and for any exam, you can find multiple books. So you don’t need to go through every book; it can confuse you, and you won’t be able to remember things for long. When you don’t understand a chapter, it will lower your score, and you will not be able to score good marks in the exam. So try to keep limited resources when preparing and emphasize more on the NCERT; it’s the root basic that is necessary for success, and by restricting on, it’s better to restrict your resources. Try to cover NCERT first and then move to other references book. One book is enough for the preparation. You need to understand that questions will never come directly from the book. Questions are being asked on the strategy and an understanding basis. For example, questions will never ask which portion of leaves is used for photosynthesis; that’s quite common. However, questions will be on why that particular part is chosen. Here I mean to say that you need clarity in the topics to excel and do not run for several books rather than solve questions. Always remember that you can understand and solve questions with clear concepts.


Not practice enough:

Practice makes a man perfect. It would help if you had aware of this motto. So this is the right thing and valid. So it’s necessary to practice to cross different questions and learn about something. Experts always advise you to practice as many mocks as possible to learn about time management and the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The drawback of students is that they focus more on the theories rather than on the question and hence don’t solve much, which makes their preparation weak. It is necessary to practice more rather than going through theory mug up. You need to understand that practice mock, and other papers help you to analyze your progress and show your result, how much you have performed, and your strengths and weakness.


Time management:

Again, this is an issue by most of the students that they don’t get enough time to cover the vast syllabus, and they don’t know the essential and regular chapters like for NEET paper mechanics is less critical than optics. In contrast, mechanics play a vital role in exams like JEE. Like from mechanics, there is more weightage, and from modern physics, it is less weightage. So students have to schedule accordingly. Whenever you give any mocks, try to cover that in the proper time as it is necessary to score well in the actual examination.  


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