Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Call Your Car Mechanic

One of the greatest human inventions is the automobile. However, one must keep in mind that because it is a mechanical device, prolonged use of it may result in equipment wear and tear. However, there is no worry to think that the automobile will no longer be used but, with the aid of appropriate maintenance, you can guarantee the long lifespan of your vehicle. In fact, regular checkup of your vehicle is considered to be a good habit. Some of the warning indicators that you should consult with your car mechanic right away are listed below.

Signs That Tell You Must Call Your Car Mechanic:

#1. Smoke emissions from the exhaust:

The release of white smoke during the winter season is the manifestation of the reaction of water vapor coming from the exhaust and should subside as the engine’s temperature increases. However, it is a worrying warning if you see black smoke rising from the exhaust of your car. So, carefully check. It can be an indication that your car is burning more fuel than the optimum level.

Air filters, clogged fuel injectors, or even a broken fuel pressure regulator could be to blame for this problem. Oil leaks may also result in smoke coming out of the bumper region. To avoid future hassles, you should call your car repair as soon as you observe these signs.

#2. Fluids leakage:

Leaks of any kind including transmission leakage and dripping of transmission fluid can cause heavy damage. If you observe leaked gas in front of your car’s parking area, it is a sign that you need to visit your car mechanic. The fluid leaks put a strain on the functioning of the vehicle. This hampers the car’s performance and longevity.

#3. Transmission issues:

When you see your system is overheating that can be a cause of any issue with the transmission. The common cause of transmission issues is insufficient transmission fluid, which could have been caused by the leakage of transmission fluid.

Furthermore, even if the levels of your transmission fluid are normal, if your gears are still slipping, the fluid is likely past its prime. Most likely, pollutants have saturated the old fluid. These impurities lessen the fluid’s capacity to transmit power through the transmission system of the car.

#4. Ignition issues:

It can be frustrating at times to have trouble starting your car. The inability of the key to start the vehicle and a blinking dashboard can be seen while the starter problem. Faulty power plugs could be the source of the ignition problem. You need to speak with a car mechanic right away to solve this issue.

#5. Flashing check engine lights:

A check engine light is a consistent indicator that your car needs repair work. A cracked or loosened gas cap could be the cause of a check engine light.

The computer system in your automobile will send erroneous malfunction signals as a result of this problem, and the engine light will be on. However, it does not necessarily imply an alarming situation. But, even if this is not a major sign of concern one must not overlook the problem. And immediately contact a car mechanic to be safe from any further consequences and expenses.

#6. Weird noises and smells:

An unpleasant smell can indicate that there is some issue with the heating and cooling system of your car. A rotten egg-like smell is an indication that your car needs repairing. Furthermore, if you notice any unusual sounds like clicking, ticking, or clunking you should get in touch with your car mechanic.

#7. Faulty brakes:

As defective brakes have the potential to be fatal, you should never ignore their warning signs. Having a reliable brake system improves the dependability of your car. The constant squeaking and squealing of your brakes are some symptoms that something is wrong with them. Besides, if there is a wobble or tremor when applying the brakes, there is also cause for concern and you should immediately contact your car mechanic.


One of the biggest investments you do in your life is purchasing cars. However, if you don’t take care of it, this investment is useless. A technical fault in the car can hurt your pockets even more. As a result, you should routinely have your car checked by the best car mechanic.

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