Team Projects And Mentally Locked Students

Maria James


Mental locking is generally the barrier or obstacle that stops the mind from thinking after a certain level. Mental locking causes many people to live at risk as they can’t think up to the mark, and their understandings seem very low. They catch things slowly and cannot be able to complete the task when needed. When these barriers come to a person’s life, his success falls apart, and he becomes unable to achieve it or retain it in the long run.

Mental locking often occurs when a single tension or stress prevails in our mind, and we are stuck to that idea, regardless of the things happening around us. A person gets bound to that idea and keeps on thinking of the possible outcomes related to that idea only. Mental locking causes a person to be stressed, anxious, and demotivated from work and other life responsibilities. The problem of mental locking also lessens the person’s hunger and sleep, which is another critical problem for an individual’s health.

At the time of the covid-19 pandemic, it was highly observed that students were facing the problem of mental locking due to less exposure to the environment. At that crucial time, when they were asked not to come out of their homes even not for the attaining education, they were found so stressed and anxious. Their mind was just stuck to a basic idea about opening schools. The students were found questioning themselves about the normalization of the environment.

At the critical times of coronavirus, online education served students in many ways.  Students can ask the online course help to take my online exam for me on my behalf of me. This facility enabled students to get relaxed from their course work at least.

Common causes of mental locking

Following are the common causes of mental locking among the students;

  1. Mentally exhaust

When students are given a lot of assignments and project pressure, they seem mentally exhausted, ultimately causing mental locking among them.

  1. Lacking sleep

When students are assigned numerous projects and assignments, they are seen to be sleeping less. Their lacking of sleep causes an increase in their mental illness, and they are found anxious and stressed all the time.

  1. Cluttered study environment

A chaotic study environment is also the biggest problem for a student to be productive.

  1. Perfectionism

When teachers demand perfectionism from the students in their projects and assignments, it increases self-doubts and forecasting among the students. Students all the time found evaluating themselves and set directions to reach it within a specific period.

Team activities are found so helpful in tackling mentally locked students. So many students communicate and collaborate on a project or assignment, which increases their mental fitness to the optimum level. In this article, we will be presenting some of the benefits of teamwork that would help in tackling mentally locked students;

  1. Building social skills

Collaborating and communicating with peers help students to work socially. Students who come outside the rigid learning box and are given a creative environment to study seem more productive and smart. Social skills develop among the students with the concept of teamwork. The student who speaks less because of his mental illness tries to speak more in teamwork. Teamwork enables students to speak and share ideas most respectfully. Speaking in teamwork does not mean talking bogus, but it is a skill to make your ideas understandable among your fellow students.

  1. Enhances self-confidence

Teamwork enhances self-confidence among the students. They seem self-confident while speaking because they feel valued and their words. When one confident student speaks in the class, it boosts the other students who are mentally locked to speak in front of the participants. This is a self-sustaining cycle that repeats in teamwork. Students collectively become valuable communicators whose voices are respectful and worthy of each other.

  1. Future preparation

When students are seen as mentally clogged with their assignments, teamwork helps them to prepare for their professional lives. Teamwork enables them to plan for their future success. In the workplace, it is a common criterion to work in teams and listen to one team leader, so when this concept is infused into education, students get used to this cycle.

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