Uber Clone: Let’s launch your taxi business in 7 days

Maria James

uber clone app

Building an app from scratch is back-breaking. The entrepreneur has to consider a lot of factors while developing the app. From designing the UI/UX to even testing the app, a lot of things are involved in building the mobile apps for your business. On the contrary, white-labeling the apps is fairly easy and quick. In this blog, we will discuss how Uber Clone white-labeling apps can make you millionaires and billionaires in the shortest possible time! 

An excellent programme that works well for the ride-hailing industry is the Uber clone script. To expand your business into a larger market, we offer an Uber app clone that works on both iOS and Android. You may turn your traditional taxi services into a digital ride-hailing business with the perfect Uber clone programme.

Let’s build your apps in 7 days.  

The 7 Day Taxi Booking App Development Challenge 

If you have found your white-labeling firm, good for you. Here we will explore how this app can build an entire taxi app like Uber in only 7 days. Are you ready? 

1. It is a ready-made app 

The taxi booking app is ready-made. It means that the app development process that includes designing, coding, and perfecting the app is already skipped. In brief, the foundation of the app is already built and only garnishing has to be done. 

As has been noted, this is the timeline for building a complex app like Uber Clone

  • Planning and researching: 5 – 6 weeks 
  • Designing stage: 6 – 12 weeks 
  • Development time and prototyping: 6 – 12 weeks 
  • Perfecting the app: 5 – 6 weeks 
  • Beta-Testing: 24 weeks
  • Market testing: 1 year

Surprisingly, this is only a rough estimate of the app development timeline. 

2. All the features are pre-integrated 

The taxi booking app is pre-integrated with all the necessary features such as: 

  • Facemask verification 
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 
  • Multiple credit card management 
  • Video call with the driver 
  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • In-app push notifications 

These are only a few of the Uber-like features. Pre-integrated features are a big help because it saves so much time and effort that goes into creating customized features for the taxi app.  

3. Experts have already launched 1200+ pre-built apps 

The  Uber Clone white-labeling experts have been developing and launching these apps for quite some time now. They actually know the nitty-gritty of app development. Therefore, they take only a short duration of time to build the app. 

Also, you can trust these experts when they say we deliver high-quality products in 7 days. Why? Well, because these experts have already developed and launched 1200+ similar apps plus they carry a decade-long experience in the industry. Now, won’t that make them the experts who can build a perfect Uber-like taxi app in 7 days? 

4. They have market-tested the apps more than a thousand times 

Since the experts have launched the app more than a thousand times, it’s market-tested every time too. The Uber Clone app is the best taxi booking app that you could ever imagine! Being fully fledged to fully optimized, and market-tested, this app has proven itself to be a super-duper hit amongst the entrepreneurs. 

The white-labeling experts will add your company’s name and logo on the app and web panels. They will also change the color theme to match your logo. Moreover, the experts will also integrate your preferred language, currencies, and even payment gateways. 


So, now that you are familiar that this app is pre-built and ready to be launched, it is time you take the step ahead and launch the Uber Clone app right now!

Get the clone app script and within 7 days, you’ll be ready to launch the app on Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. Become a millionaire in no time just by launching this app!

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