Use Cases of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

The ideal way for your company to fully exploit WhatsApp potential is to use the WhatsApp Business API, which can rapidly reach large worldwide audiences. You are aware that your clients use WhatsApp, and you are losing out on a significant market share by not being present on their preferred communication channels. One thing that is still unclear for many people is that how they can use WhatsApp Business API to enhance the client experience for company. Below you will get the use cases of WhatsApp business API:

Basics of the WhatsApp Business API

Application Program Interface is referred to as API. To give users the freedom of modification for their business needs, the WhatsApp API provides a good insight into the fundamental capabilities of the WhatsApp platform. This implies that WhatsApp may easily be linked with software stacks like CRMs and analytics to offer a completely corporate solution. To get this best benefit, you can reach a WhatsApp business api provider Knowlarity because it is the best platform. In Knowlarity, you will get the best use cases to enhance the business.

Automate notifications through integrations

One of the main WhatsApp Business API use cases is automating notifications on WhatsApp. You may automatically send alerts for order confirmation, the payment received, and delivery using the WhatsApp Business API. To make this possible, the Knowlarity enables customers to connect with 3rd party applications. The company can use automated alerts to deliver automated WhatsApp notifications for each order. You can automate live tracking, abandoned cart notifications, and more in addition to this.

Post-Sale Support

You can use your WhatsApp presence to check in with your customer shortly after they receive their order. In terms of the consumer experience, creating and delivering product-specific check WhatsApp business messages can greatly help you. When your product needs installation and uses instructions, this WhatsApp eCommerce integration comes in useful. You have the option of responding with a bot and transferring the user to a live person if they reply to your purchased HSM template message. The best part is that the bot or human-driven chat will be free if you respond to the customer inside the 24-hour customer service window.

Get real-time feedback for your products and services

Businesses usually send a friendly email or SMS asking customers to comment on their products and services. And in 65% of cases, people ignore, and most do not open the emails. On WhatsApp, you may not only get quick feedback for your items 98% of the time but also re-engage users. Customers can provide feedback by submitting quick reply buttons, which will make it more pleasant for them. Your WhatsApp Chatbot automatically creates an offer to convince them to buy a different product as soon as they click the button to provide feedback.

Provide order and delivery updates on WhatsApp

Another of the top WhatsApp Business use cases is live delivery notifications. 97% of WhatsApp business api provider offers a delivery tracking status updates and notifications along with real-time visibility into the status of the purchase shipments. You may use an advanced platform to link your current e-commerce platforms and build up API campaigns to send automated orders, delivery, payment, and other notifications to WhatsApp users. And this procedure is automatic. You do not even require your team members to click a button each time a customer places an order with you.

Transaction confirmations, invoices, and notifications

Was the money successfully received? Is there a problem with the bill? Have your payment options or privacy policies been updated? End-to-end encryption provided by WhatsApp allows you to deliver sensitive information to customers rapidly and securely without worrying that it will accidentally land in the junk folder. As a result, you can be confident that your customers are updated and that their personal information is secure.

Send product details with smart buttons

Users enjoy investigating brand-new goods and can even be interested in buying the ones that excite them. The AI-enhanced WhatsApp chatbot from Knowlarity can make sales by providing users with individualized product recommendations, catalogs, photos, and more. You may use clickable buttons to directly communicate information about your products, services, and courses with leads, generating immediate interest and up to three times as many conversions. Every time you release a new product or restock an old one, you can broadcast promotional offers to all your contacts. Send documents, videos, and images all at once to a huge list of leads.

Enhance your business with use cases of WhatsApp Business API

The above listed are all the WhatsApp use cases that have the power to transform and personalize the way you communicate with your client base. For all this, Knowlarity is the best platform you need to choose to enhance your business. Once you approach Knowlarity, you will get more features and benefits along with best use cases.

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