What are Four Types of Statistics?

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Statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. Governments & big corporations need a census to make policies. Students cannot compare and know about economic activities without the correct information. Statistics data are the facts & figures that are collected, summarised, and even interpreted.

It can be either classified as quantitative or qualitative. The demand for such subjects is enormous in the market, especially in developed economies, which is why many students are pursuing careers in this field.

Students who study statistics often need statistics assignment help UK to complete their academic-related work, and sometimes they have to define its types with examples. If you also got such an academic career, then study the information given below:

Four main types of statistics:

These four leading types of statistics have different objectives. You have to understand each & everyone to command the statistics field fully. Now let’s discuss the main goal:

1. Qualitative data:

It is often called categorical data. The data here is fit into the categories. Here data is not numerical rather it has categorical variables that tell us about a person’s gender, hometown, etc. It never uses the numbers to show such things.

The data in qualitative statistics hold numerical value, but such values do not have any mathematical sense. For example favorite sport, school postcode & favorites sport, etc. Also, birthdays and postcodes have qualitative data but no numerical value. Seek UK assignment help to know more about this.

2. Nominal data:

It is one type of qualitative information that gathered the variables without needing any numerical value. The data here is also called the nominal scale and can never be measured. Examples of this are Gender, words, etc.

In this statistics, type data are calculate by using the grouping method. Here data is gathered into categories first, then try to find the percentage or frequency of data. Such data are visually represented in the pie charts. Seek the best UK assignment to help to learn more about it.

3. Ordinal data:

In this statistic type natural order is followed. The main feature of this statistical type is that the difference between the data values is not measured correctly. Here variables are mainly found in finance & economics.

The data here is shown by using the bar chart. Here data are interpreted by using visualization tools. The knowledge may be conveyed through the tables where each row shows a different category. Seek statistics assignment help UK to know more about it.

4. Numerical data:

It is also known as numerical data, which represents the numerical value. For example, here we talk about how often or how much, etc. Such statistics give information about several specific things; the best examples are height & size, length & weight, and so on. Such statistics are classified into two types of data sets, and these two are discrete data & continuous data.

  1. Discrete data: It takes only discrete values. It only holds a finite number of possible values. Here things are calculate by using numbers. For example, how many students are in the class comes in such data. Seek statistics assignment help UK to know more about it.
  2. Continuous data: It is the type of data that can be calculated. It has an infinite number of values that can be select within a specific range. For example, the temperature range. Here the number is not fixed. It can vary within a particular field.

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