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The internet is full of TV shows and movie titles that you have probably never watched! However, many titles instantly become a favorite for various reasons. Maybe, because it boosts one’s spirit and picks up the mood. Or simply because this kind of content ends up becoming a happy memory. So what makes such TV shows and movies so special? Is it the story? The dialogues that stay with us, even after the credits roll? Or the musical score maybe?

Some entertainment options are just timeless, not because they have been declared so by critics and popular sources. But simply because they enchant audiences with their feel-good quality, which makes one keep going back to them again and again and again! The best part is that these options are easily available, so don’t forget to check with cable TV providers in the area to learn about TV and movie schedules for programming on both cable TV and streaming services alike.

Read on to see if your favorite TV show or movie that never gets old, made it to this list:


Walt Disney Studios have been intelligent in delivering a beauty like Moana, for nothing could be the right time but now! The musical is fresh and tick marks all the right checkboxes. This animated feature film follows the journey of a young Polynesian woman, who is about to become the first female chief of her people. Instead of harboring stereotypes, Disney is exploring storylines that no longer require a princess to explore the world in search of her prince.

Rather, the main lead has gentle wisdom to respect the traditions of her community and the courage that allows her to forge a new path for herself, one that she had always envisioned for herself. This is one movie that’s a sure must-watch for all youngsters! Featuring an astonishingly promising debut from the newcomer, Auli’I Cravalho, who shows off her Hawaiian pride and youthful energy as the main lead. Twinning her infectious timing and energy is Dwayne Johnson’s demigod Maui, who toys with the stereotypical muscle and the unbeatable swagger that comes with the image.

Together, they must return the magical green stone so that the island can return to its former glory. The storyline may sound a tad bit cliché but it’s a great watch if you love musicals there is some awesome foot-tapping music that will have you humming for sure!

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is the newest entrant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, better known as the MCU. Presenting more than a superhero story, it sets the stage for Kamala Khan, who has to balance the normality of her Pakistani upbringing with the singular goal that destiny has set in store for her, i.e. becoming Ms. Marvel. On the surface, this six-episode series shares similarities with other superhero stories and their need for finding their identity in the world we live in.

But its theme is more than acceptance from society or one’s self. Even though multiculturalism is another factor that has made it an instant favorite among various colored communities across the world, this TV Show is an out-and-out revolution that aims to transform the portrayal of Muslims on popular mediums like television or movies. Moreover, it presents the largest migration that unfolded in the subcontinent to western audiences.

On the fun side, one gets to watch the plucky newbie, Pakistani-Canadian Iman Vellani, who’s simply a treat to watch for she combines her cheerful teenage abandon, delicately balancing it with the challenges of being the chosen one. While simultaneously acknowledging and understanding her tangled family history with the independence of her country amidst the partition.

Though it seems quite a mouthful and too much to handle but Vellani’s charisma has won over audiences and skeptics all over the world. Subscribe to Mediacom Xtream and enjoy the buffer-free streaming!

Wrapping Up

Although it is quite a task to find a TV show or a movie that instantly clicks with your mood but with the plethora of options available today, it can often get confusing since all channels seem to have some mind-blowing content! However, always check that the internet connection is speedy, otherwise, most of the time will be spent buffering. Watch these feel-good media options and enjoy!

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