Why Do You Need A Professional To Install Your Water Heater?

Maria James

Water Heater

Have you thought about installing an entirely new water heater at home? It’s not a simple task. Hot water system replacement  and installation by yourself may appear to be the most economical option. Unfortunately, unless done by an expert, it’s risky without a specific education or experience. In addition, the majority of water heaters are made of gas.


Thus, even minor mistakes in installation could result in additional expenses, injuries and property damage, invalidated warranties and even cause death.


Chance Of Fire And Explosion

Most water heaters use natural gas, which means you must burn the fuel that is flammable to heat your water. However, these fuels are extremely volatile, meaning that even one error during installation could cause an extremely dangerous fire or an explosion!

Thus, installing your unit at home isn’t worthwhile if it puts your family’s safety in danger. It’s not worth discussing the damages to your home.

Product Information

Specialists are well educated and have knowledge: Certain qualities can also guarantee a quick and secure replacement of your worn-out heater, as well as a speedy installation of the new system. Furthermore, licensed plumbers have an extensive understanding of the tooling and plumbing as well as the system’s adaptability to fix minor problems regarding your heater.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Ventilation and air conditioning are crucial for gas water heaters. If the airflow isn’t sufficient and ventilation is not good, carbon monoxide builds up. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a medical situation. Furthermore, those who are exposed to unusual levels of carbon monoxide run the risk of permanent brain damage, and may even end up dying.


Carbon monoxide has no scent. It is a gas that is not odorless and thus makes it difficult to identify leaks. If you were to look for a gap that was not visible, it wouldn’t be noticed. Little mistakes can lead to severe consequences when setting up outputs that use natural gas heating.


Peace Of Mind

Hot water system installation costs can be a little higher If you choose to work with an approved plumber, but by doing this you’re not only doing a good job but also investing in the security of your family. It’s a comfort to know that you will not face damages to your property, loss of life or health or any other problems.

When Is it Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

The answer to that question depends on several factors like the age and condition of your water heater, its related components and your home repair budget.

However, if your conventional storage tank hot water heater is nearing 10-15 years old, it’s likely you need a replacement. A newer model water heater will be much more energy-efficient (up to 25%) and can save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs over its lifetime. However, if your water heater has only been in use for a few years, it may be best to diagnose the problem and invest in repairs.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Water Heater?

The average cost to install a conventional tank-type water heater falls between $800 and $1600. This includes the water heater unit and typical labor for a standard installation. Any additional electrical or plumbing (water or gas) work will add to the total cost. A new tankless style water heater can cost considerably more, between $1,000 and $3,000 for the unit and installation.


Certified water heater installers and suppliers with solar hot-water systems technicians are licensed to deal with hot water installation repairs, replacements, repairs and maintenance tasks. Switching out your old water heater to an entirely new model is quite easy, or at least that’s what most people think. However, it’s an even more complex process than many people believe that it is.


A properly installed installation could mean the distinction between water heaters that work effectively, and one that does not. It could also mean the difference between a heater that is safe , and one which is a ticking bomb, ready to cause harm to your home, your property or your business. In order to avoid the above mentioned problems, always call in a professional to install or repair your water heater.

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