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To start an online business the first step is to develop your website. And for a website, you need a Domain name. Without the Domain Name, there is too difficult for users to remember your website and learn the IP Addresses. IP Addresses contain many numbers. Or a Domain name is your identity of the website. Also, a Domain name represents your brand. 

There are many Domains available in the market and six categories of Domains. Domains are chosen according to the target audience and business. If you want to target the german audience or your website is Germany based then the perfect and ideal Domain that suits your website is .de Domain. This helps in to target the german audience. 

With a Domain Name .de, German visitors know that your website speaks their language, accepts local payment methods, and charges in Euros. The best part is that your website is more likely to rank highly on local search results – resulting in more traffic and authority for your business.

Here in this post, you will get basic information about german Domain names and where to buy them. So let’s start! 

About Domain Name .de 

Domain .de is the country code top-level domain for Germany. Purchase .de Domain and take advantage of one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Behind .de extension, there is a vast success story. In addition to being one of the most popular country code domains, it is also one of the most popular generic domains. You get an idea of the strength of the domain with its popularity.  

In the year 2015 Germany’s population is around 82 million. 70 million of them use the Internet. You have a lot of customers to target!  

With  .de Domain registration, your website will attract local traffic. A website using a ccTLD is trusted by users because they know the language and currency are appropriate. In addition, there will be no shipping costs and delivery will be faster.

Search engines match domain extensions and IP addresses of websites with users’ searches, not just users. When you buy a german Domain name then you will see a positive impact on SEO and in the local search engine results pages, your website ranks higher. 

Reasons – Why a Domain Name .de is Best For Germany -Based Website

Top Security 

.de extension has many security features. And it is one of the secure Domains in the ccTLD. 

Made in Germany

. de is the country-code TLD for Germany and is administered by DENIC eG.

DNSSEC Protection 

.de provides domains signed with DNSSEC, to protect against manipulation in the DNS.

Successful And Popular 

In the Domain market Domain name .de grab the place third. And it is the most popular domain in the Domain market. 

High Value 

. de Domains are highly valuable and achieve good aftermarket returns.

Regional and Global 

Internationally, .de is popular, in high demand, and well known.

Get an Affordable Domain Name .de From Hostbillo


Hostbillo is a trusted and reputable Domain Provider in Germany. You know that there are many Domains in thar market but all are not good for Germany based website and to target the German audience. Just like Domains, there are many Domain providers but all of them are not the best. There is only a limited Domain provider which is best. And a Hostbillo is one of them. With .de Regisratration Hostbillo gives the following Features:-

  1. You would receive an email address linked to your website’s domain. They initially provide 2GB of storage space. In cases where the capacity of the Mailbox needs to be expanded, you can do so.
  2. Hostbillo gives an SSL certificate with .de registration. 
  3. Hostbillo offers 10,000 subdomains. Your website can be customized, designed, and built to your specifications.
  4. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Hostbillo. Hostbillo has a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals to resolve your technical concerns.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) 

  • What is Domain Name .de 

.de names are reserved for companies and organizations based in Germany or targeting German-speaking audiences. You should consider using this ccTLD if you are a German local or own a company that serves German customers.

  • Is it possible For anyone to Buy a .de?

Yes, it is possible to everyone to buy a .de. There are no restrictions involved. 


You can grow your business with the reputable and trusted .de Domain Registration. You can tell the world that your business and website are German with a .de domain name.

This domain is a great choice if anyone targets the german audience and sells the products and services in Germany. 

If you’re a local business, a global corporation, or something in between, a .de Extension can help you market your products and services in Germany.

With the registration of  .de extension with Hostbillo, you receive an SSL certificate to authenticate your business and protect your customers. Hostbillo’s customized email address and our Classic DNS will make your website super fast.

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