Are refurbished phones are good?

Refurbished phones have become quite popular with the masses. They allow you to buy a fully-functional and good-quality phone at a very affordable price. But should the price be the only deciding factor? What about quality and performance? Is it good to buy a refurbished phone? Let’s find out here.

What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a pre-owned device that the owner has returned to the original manufacturer or the seller because of a manufacturing defect. Sometimes there is no defect, but the owner returns the phone because of a ‘change of mind’. This return happens during the warranty or ‘cooling-off’ period as per the sale agreement of the phone.

After refurbishment, the phone is resold at a reduced price to attract new buyers.

What happens when a phone is refurbished?

Refurbishment can be an elaborate process consisting of different rituals or a cosmetic service of the device. It depends on who is performing the refurbishment and the phone’s condition. Big phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung do a very detailed refurbishment and their refurbished devices usually carry a ‘like-new’ tag.

During the refurbishment, a phone is checked for possible errors and defects. The original manufacturing error is also inspected. After removing any physical and software errors, the phone’s body gets a thorough scan. If it requires any replacement like panels, screen, frame, it is performed, and if any repairs are needed, they are carried out too.

The battery is also checked for performance, and so is the operating system. Any data of the previous owner is completely erased. In short, every nook and cranny of the phone is inspected, and nothing is left to doubt. The phone also gets a new warranty and is then offered for resale at a lower price. It is a brief overview of a typical refurbished process.

Why are refurbished phones so cheap?

Do people often wonder that despite their ‘like-new’ status and the extensive refurbished process that we talked about, why are refurbished phones so cheap? Despite all their revamping, a refurbished phone is still a second-hand device. It has been used before, albeit briefly, but it is not brand-new. Also, it may have been faulty, which is why it got returned in the first place.

The phone is offered at a lower price to attract new buyers because people expect that a second-hand device will be cheaper than a new one. And the same goes for refurbished phones.

Difference between a used and refurbished phone:

Many people are still confused by it and consider a used phone equal to a refurbished one. It is not a correct assumption. While they are both second-hand devices, the similarity does not last beyond that.

A refurbished phone is superior to a used one because it has been thoroughly checked and approved for sale after a complete repair. It has also got new components in place of old or faulty ones. It also carries a new warranty and a go-ahead by experts that it is fit to use.

On the other hand, a used phone is a second-hand device that the owner decided to sell. It may or may not have a warranty, and there is no guarantee about its quality and performance.

Another difference lies in the price; because of all the perks associated with a refurbished device, it is usually more expensive than a used one.

Are refurbished phones good?

We now come to our original topic and find out about the efficacy of refurbished phones. Here are the reasons that answer the question, is a refurbished phone a good buy?

It won’t cost you a fortune:

We know smartphones are getting more and more expensive. Significantly, the top-tier models of the reputed brands are breaking the $1000 barrier. It is a lot of money, and a middle-income-earning individual often cannot afford it. Refurbished phones come as a breath of fresh air for them. They can buy an excellent quality phone at a very affordable price now.

Sometimes, you also get a reduced price for a refurbished variant of the latest model phone. It is, therefore, very beneficial for the consumer.

It is suitable for the environment:

We don’t care about it, but manufacturing a new phone costs the environment dearly. The carbon footprint of a new phone is not negligible; it causes us precious resources. Also, we throw our phones when they get old or develop a fault. It causes the problem of e-waste, which is already piling up in our landfills and causing pollution.

A refurbished phone is an answer to these problems. Its carbon footprint is less, and it promotes recycling and reusing. You also help lessen the impact of e-waste by committing to refurbished phones.

Provision of warranty:

The provision of a warranty is another reason you should opt for a refurbished phone. A warranty means that the phone is free from any defects, and the seller is liable to compensate you if it develops any fault during the warranty period. It gives the buyer peace of mind, and he can buy the product without hesitation or fear.

They are not network-locked:

Refurbished phones are generally free from any network contracts. You can use them with any SIM. There are no obligations. Often people buy a new phone under an arrangement from a network provider that binds them to use their service only at least until the contract expires. It is not the case with refurbished phones, though.

A good option for frequent phone switchers:

Consumers who get bored of their phones pretty soon and can’t wait to try new ones find refurbished phones very tempting. It is because the price of refurbished phones is lower than new ones, making them easier to afford. You can buy your favorite phone models in refurbished variants without spending much money.

Buying the refurbished phones:

You must choose the refurbished phone’s seller carefully. It must give you a warranty, a money-back guarantee, enjoy a good reputation in the market, and conduct an in-depth refurbishment.

Wise Market Australia fulfills all these criteria. You get a 13-months warranty and a 21-days money-back guarantee on purchasing any refurbished device from it. It is primarily an online marketplace with a large variety of refurbished, used, and new mobile phones and other consumer electronics. The prices are competitive, and the service is impeccable. It would be best if you gave it a try.


That sums up our topic about the effectiveness of refurbished phones in Australia. We hope now you got the answer as to why you should go for refurbished phones and prefer them even over new phones. It offers a slew of benefits to the user and is a sustainable option for owning and using phones.

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