Top 5 Websites for Learning Fractions

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Teaching students about fractions is one early math obstacle that may be conquered and pay off significantly. Students are better prepared to take on more challenging courses like algebra, statistics, physics, and chemistry if they have a strong foundation in fractions. These apps, websites, and games are the best tools for teaching fractions because they employ interactive features and visual learning strategies to make it easier for students to understand what fractions imply, how to evaluate and analyze them, and other topics.

However, it should be noted that the many fraction calculator offered online by is still the greatest of all. Let’s proceed to the article that describes the top online adding and multiplying 3 fractions calculator sites to learn the ratio concepts better. 


Khan Academy: 

Using the site’s extensive analytical and adaptive software, you can keep an eye on students’ progress and identify individuals who might be struggling in certain topics. If students are using Khan Academy in the classroom, use real-time reporting. You may either stop the class to teach a skill that everyone is lacking or you can give some small-group teaching to the poorer pupils. 

If you’re dealing with young children, you may also impart SEL concepts and fundamental skills using Khan Academy Kids. Additionally, you may allow the pupils to use the online fraction calculator to answer math ratio problems. 

The finest website for studying sophisticated mathematical skills is without a doubt this one. This online calculator is without a doubt a work of beauty in itself. Offering precise answers to a variety of fraction issues is its core goal. Students all over the world use this free dividing fractions calculator to learn everything from fundamental decimal and ratio processes to more challenging ones.

Using this adding and multiplying 3 fractions calculator, you may also discover easy methods for streamlining a range of ratio difficulties. When a fantastic chance is in front of you, what is keeping you up at night? Make the most of this fantastic resource.


Fraction Mash:

Fraction Mash is an excellent learning fraction calculator online for stimulating exploration time during any fraction lesson in elementary or middle school. Allow them to explore and create their own mashups during some unscheduled time. Ask each student or group to perform some mathematical reflection and reasoning after that to relate the topic back to fractions.

You may also include images that could be relevant to your school or material from other classrooms to provide some interdisciplinary flavor. Additionally, it’s a good idea to provide Fraction Mash as an option to keep kids occupied after examinations or other lost classroom time.



Like the fraction calculator, this website’s biggest strength is how adaptable it is. Each student will work at their own pace, and the advancement will rely on how they handle each challenge. Students have the ability to attempt again after receiving a response, but JumpStart Academy doesn’t offer any catch-up work or feedback, so a challenging student will need an instructor to step in. Although it is advantageous, the program is still too diagnostic for a youngster to skip over studying a subject.


Gracie & Friends Lemonade Stand:

Extremely specific early math concepts are taught in the preschool program and extracurricular activities Gracie & Friends Lemonade Stand. Similar to a multiple fraction calculator, this program, like the other three, focuses on splitting a single item or a collection of things evenly. At the lemonade stand, kids tilt the iPad to evenly distribute the ice cubes across two, three, four, or five cups.


Last Words:

We talked about fraction calculator learning websites that enable you to quickly and confidently understand fraction questions in the passage that follows.

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