Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification – A useful solution

Maria James

The covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its core in various aspects. It demands severe safety protocols to keep the social fabric intact. Vaccine distribution is the key component to saving lives, but fraudulent groups utilize it for nefarious gains. Digital vaccine certificate verification is common, but digital crooks using forged impersonation commit covid related scams. The rising cases of fake coronavirus certificate verification are alarming because forged document not only tempers vaccine information but also endangers the life of healthy people. Various sectors are paying its heavy cost, including the health and travel industry where these cases are prevalent in number. 

Cybercrimes continue to steal public sensitive data and replicate corona information. The competition between criminal strength to attempt fraud and a humanly designed system to fight against scams is a never-ending process because technological advancement is a double-edged sword. Bloomberg reports criminal uses fake identities and information to expose more than $15 billion in vaccine scams. It reinforces the need for efficient software to detect fraud and verify vaccination certificates online. There is a number of challenges and solutions at the same time to combat this menace. 

Significance of Digital Vaccine Certification

Digital vaccine certification approves that a person is fully vaccinated with all the required doses from an authorized medical laboratory. Its significance is equal to getting a license to move anywhere, including public meetups, traveling abroad, hotel stay, etc. The post-covid world is more prone to various health-related threats and as the world is tightly interconnected, thus, digital vaccine certification is like a new ID document for all vaccinated individuals. The susceptible global health system demands a high-tech AI model to verify international certificate of vaccination for a more secure world. 

Frauds on the Pretext of Coronavirus Certificate Verification

Covid-19 opened new avenues of crime for criminals and it is trending as a famous way to implement fraudulent activities with confidence. The digital platform is more favorite for criminals as it is not sufficiently immune to fight back fake certificate of vaccination verification procedures. It is the moment to look at the brief overview of major types of fraud perpetrated under the garb of digital vaccine certificate verification

  1. Fake Source of Earning Money

Forged covid-19 certificates are verified without vaccine inoculation is a trending method to earn a large amount of money. People are scared of false rumors about 2 years of life span after vaccination run away from vaccination and prefer to get fake digital vaccine certificate verification for uninterrupted traveling, financial transactions, hotel bookings, etc. Washington Post reveals that Long Island health care workers earned $1.5 million selling fake vaccination certificates. The evidence further strengthens the aforementioned argument. 

  1. Sensitive Data Breach & Rise in Cybercrimes

Data security is one of the biggest global concerns today. As diamond cuts diamond, technology beats technology. Criminals take coronavirus as a blessing for them as it opened new ways to earn illicit benefits. Bad actors intrude vaccine databases using SQL injections for private data access. Cybercrimes are also increasingly using fake international vaccination certificate verification codes for criminal actions. It also indicates weak KYC & AML compliance mechanisms and implementation methods. 

  1. Inexplicable Surge in Money Laundering & Terror Financing

A coronavirus vaccination certificate is verified through fake means and in a wide array utilized for cross-border terror financing to terrorist groups. Furthermore, during the pandemic and even post covid world fathomed a serious hike in the rate of money laundering from local bank accounts to foreign banking channels. Digital vaccine certificate verification is used as a digital vaccine passport also better known as a green card. It is used for traveling or check-in at any place. Criminal minds use it for dangerous aims. 

How can we Differentiate Between Digital Identity & Covid Certification?

Millions of people are roaming around using digital covid vaccination cards as their ID documents for various purposes. There is a dire need to understand the difference between an online identity document and a digital covid vaccination certificate. AI-powered algorithms and programs should be designed as a tool to stop the utilization of digital vaccine certificate verification in the name identity document. The technology is enough powerful to detect missing QR codes replaced by forged details. In this way, digital vaccine certificate verification can’t be used for corrupt practices. BBC reports social networks like Facebook and Telegram are involved in selling fake Covid vaccine passes. It ended in increased covid infections. So Document verification service is also used for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

As conclusive remarks, it goes without denying that digital vaccine certificate verification is mandatory in almost every part of the world. It is indispensable to ensure standardized data protection and vaccine verification protocols on a global level. Growing businesses and digitization demand KYC/AML compliance including digital vaccine certificate verification services to curb scamming activities. Furthermore, groundbreaking advancement is measured in vaccine diplomacy on the state level to frame laws and fight this battle on legal grounds as well. Shutipro continues to provide digital vaccine certificate verification solutions in a state-of-the-art manner on a global level. 

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