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Height Stigma

The Height Stigma & Obsession

If you were the 1st three of those who used to stand in the front of the school’s morning assembly Q-line in ascending order of height, you can relate with the stigma that one faces due to height. To add fuel to fire intentionally or intentionally, one is subjected subjected to names like ‘Chotu’ or ‘Tingu’ etc which can be very humiliating and cause extreme mental harassment to a child, adversely impacting his or her self esteem & subconscious mind. All this for a factor which is not in anyone’s control-Height. The mind at this time starts looking for the best height growth medicine.

Height Stigma

Everyone wants to grow long & strong. We all envy people with a good height and find them attractive. However a good height is dependent on 3 main factors: genetic, lifestyle habits & dietary intake. Let us understand this concern and see how with a few adjustments you can help your child to add on a few more inches when the time is in hand.

The average height in the Indian population a few years back was 5.6 Feet (171 cm) for males & 5 Feet (152 cm) for females. However as of now, the average height in Men has gone up to 5.8 feet (177 cm) and those in women to 5.3 feet (162 cm). The definition of being considered tall in India is, anyone above this average height in both men & women.

factors affecting height

Factors Impacting Height Increase In Humans:

While height in general is largely dependent on the average height of the parents of a child, however it is being observed that factors like nutrition of the mother during pregnancy, diet quality of the child after birth,  minimal infections or water borne diseases during childhood are some of the main factors impacting height.

However one of the disturbing facts is that although the Indian males & females have increased their height in the recent years and are taller than their parents, however when compared to the worldwide height data, Indians still fall short significantly by almost 17.5 cm in men & around 17 cm in case of women.

Predicting your child height

How To Predict Your Childs Height?

One of the simplest methods deployed by doctors to predict a child’s health not suffering from any health issues is taking the height of the father and mother both. Taking out an average figure and adding 2.5 Inches (7.6 cm) in case of a boy & subtracting 2.5 inches (7.6 cm) in case of a girl.


  • Combined Parental Height: If the fathers height is 6 Feet (182.88 cm) & mothers height is 5.5 feet (167.64 cm) , then the combined height of both parents in centimetres will be will be: 182.88 + 167.64= 350.52 cm,
  • Calculate Average Parental Height: Now divide the combined parental height by 2. i.e: 350.52/2 = 175.26 cm.
  • Height Prediction: Now Add 7.5 cm for boy and minus 7.5 for girl.
  • So in case this couple bears a boy child, the expected height of this child will be 182.76 cm (6 feet approx.) & 167.76 cm (5.5 feet approx.) in case of a girl child.

Simple & interesting, isn’t it?

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Can You Add More Inches To Your Child’s Predicted Height?

The answer is YES!!

But a more relevant question that should be coming to your mind now is, ‘How can I add a few more inches to my child’s height?’

For this you need to understand that this is possible only when you put in your efforts when you have a ‘golden period time’ in hand, which is the period before puberty sets in both in case of boys or girls. Once the puberty sets in or is completed & the bones are fused, no amount of effort can help your child to put in extra height. Anyone claiming to add on more inches to your child’s height is only playing with your sentiments & giving false hopes, which kindly beware of.

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How Can I Add More Inches To My Child’s Height?

The main  & key ingredient that mainly helps to add on more inches to a child’s height is a hormone called ‘Human Growth Hormone’ also known as ‘HGH’. This hormone is a part of the ‘Pituitary Gland’ in the brain. There are certain conditions where the growth hormone is secreted in good quantity and can help the child to put on height. An extra focus on these factors can help the child to exceed his predicted height. These factors are the most natural & best medicines for height growth


The ‘Pituitary Gland’, is the most important gland in the body for height secretes the maximum quantity of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when the child is sleeping. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is a must for every child for good growth. Sleep is mostly compromised in children now a days as they remain awake late in the night studying, chatting, busy talking, remain highly active on social media sites & spend a lot of time on mobiles, tablets or Laptops. Other than this the blue light from the screens of these electronic devices further complicate the sleep patterns in children. These disturbed sleep patterns wreak havoc on a child’s growth.

So if you do not want your child’s growth to be impacted adversely, you must ensure & enforce a timely sleep & wake up pattern for your child for a minimum of 8 hours in between.

Physical Activity:

Other than a sound uninterrupted sleep, good physical activity when your child is running, playing, indulging in sports activities, exercising etc, are some of the phases when stimulation of Human Growth Hormone peaks. Unlike yesterday’s times when children used to go out in nearby parks to play and run around, children now a days are mostly confined to home and not encouraged by parents either to run around & have fun. The fun part now a days is limited to mobile devices only which can be very damaging to your child’s growth, besides adding to weight which can lead to further health issues. So encourage to child towards physical activities to enhance secretion of ‘Natural Human Growth Hormone’, to help your child to add extra inches.

Protein Rich Diet:

Nutrition plays a major role to provide the required building blocks to supplement the body with the ingredients required for growth like proteins, calcium & nutrients required for height along with overall physical & mental growth. While most parents are working couples now a days, with super busy lifestyles, children are the worst sufferers when it comes to diet. To cover up for paucity of time, parents look for shortcuts like junk food, outside food, frozen food or processed food options etc. While this serves the moment in hand once in a while, however a long term dependency on such food options has a very adverse effects on the child’s health. No wonder one gets to see a lot of obese children in schools now a days.

So please do focus on providing your child a well-balanced, nutritious food preferably home cooked with an extra dash of natural proteins like soya, milk & milk products like cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, Spirulina, fruits etc which can help keep your child not only energized but also stored with ingredients required for height when needed most during your child’s growing years.

Height Boosters:

Certain natural & herbal ingredients with proven results can support your efforts for better height gain. Herbs like Shatawari, Shankhpushpi, Bala, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Guggal, Chandrashoor etc are well known to enhance the Human Growth Hormone Secretion in the body, reduce anxiety in a child, increase muscular strength & stamina, enhance the protein & calcium utilization, improve memory functions, improve overall body metabolism & digestion, besides improving immunity & supplementing with micronutrients. All these ingredients in the right combination can help to add value to your efforts & increase height. So look for a herbal or natural product which combines all these ingredients.

So what are you waiting for? Spend a little time re-scheduling the 24 hours in hand. A little bit of discipline on the 4 points discussed above are enough for your child to ‘Grow Long & Strong’. If implemented well, these are the natural & best medicine for height growth. After all, it’s what your child wants & so do you.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy…

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