A Guide for Getting Badge Ribbons


Badge Ribbons

Conducting presentations, mass advertising campaigns, business meetings and exhibitions of products sold requires careful organization. Representatives of competing companies, business partners, and other important people are present at such events, so it is important to competently approach the development and use of elements of corporate symbols.

A ribbon for a badge in corporate colors with an emblem, logo, or brand will help you stand out from the competition and emphasize your “name” and corporate style. Today it is not just an accessory for attaching a name badge, but also:

  • Advertising tool.
  • A way of promotion.

What are badge ribbons?

Tapes for fastening badges are a budgetary and simple element of corporate style. They have a low cost, so the wholesale purchase of tapes for staff, customers, and partners of the company will not require large financial costs. Like vinyl bracelets, ribbons are available in a wide range of colors – from neutral light to bright shades.

Many brands are offering customized lanyards and ribbons, that will help you make the right choice. According to the type of surface, they are classified into smooth and corrugated. The demanded direction of branding of tapes is the printing of the full-size image, inscriptions, or a logo.

One of the most inexpensive branded accessories. You can print on the ribbons not only the company logo but also, for example, an advertising slogan.

We will help you sort through the variety of tapes and choose the most suitable option for you.

You can buy ribbons for badges with print:


The labor-intensive technology of printing on the surface of the tape, allows you to get a high-quality image, with bright colors and detailed clarity. With sublimation printing, dyes penetrate deep into the fibers of the material, so the pattern or inscription is not erased for a long time.


The popularity of silk-screened ribbons is due to the budgetary cost of applying the image. Silk-screen printing is bright, rich, and of high quality. The image is applied by silk-screen printing on polyester and nylon tapes.


A durable and reliable method of applying an image to the surface of a badge tape, its disadvantage is its high cost. Badge ribbon with jacquard design suits reputable companies. Ribbons with a jacquard pattern are made on special equipment by interlacing threads of different colors. They look spectacular, reliable, and durable.

How to choose a ribbon?

Pay attention to the color of the fastening if you are purchasing a batch of cards for a group of people at once. For example, if you need to buy many units of products at once for all employees of a factory, a large company, or a shopping center. In this case, it is best to buy products in corporate colors. For one student, it is more appropriate to buy a badge on a cord or ribbon to match his school uniform. When buying a badge on a pin, remember that such a product can leave marks on thin clothing.

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