What Should You Know About Chips Packaging?

Let’s talk about the packaging of chips. A product that is in very high demand all over the world. That is why the market is constantly growing and more and more entrepreneurs are trying not only to offer the consumer new chips that would be considered part of a healthy diet but also constantly looking for new ideas for packaging their products. What is the most popular packaging and what does it consist of?

The most popular type of packaging for chips is the pillow bag.

A pillow bag is the simplest and most common type of packaging. Suitable for packaging various bulk products and not picky in the selection of film.

The main advantages of the pillow bag:

  • High production speed – up to 3500 packages per hour.
  • The cost of the package pillow is quite low
  • The pillow bag is resistant to external factors
  • Convenient for storage and transportation
  • Easy printing

Material for chips packaging

Packaging for chips is made of high-density matte or glossy PET, OPP, BOPP, PE film:

PET – polyethylene terephthalate film, lavsan (PET)

  • It has high density, good barrier proper,ties and temperature resistance.

BOOP – Bioriented polypropylene film (bioriented polypropylene film)

  • It has excellent transparency, gloss, high elasticity, and tensile strength. BOPP film has high barrier properties, it is resistant to various aggressive environments inert, and safe for humans.

PE – Polyethylene film

  • Protects from oxygen and moisture. It is used as a disposable product packaging, being in contact with the product, provides a longer shelf life, and helps to preserve its properties.
    Also, a metalized layer is applied to the inner surface of the package. The oily product is reliably protected from sunlight, and penetration of atmospheric moisture and liquid into the package. The strong structure of the film prevents mechanical damage to the chips (crumbling).

Chips are packed in an automated way because this is a rather fragile product. Also, during the packing process, the pack is filled with air to prevent deformation during transportation. Most often, packaging material with a thickness of 40 microns is chosen, this is more than enough because chips are a light product that is not packaged in large volumes.

To make the product stand out on the shelf, bright films are used, not transparent type with an original design. When creating packaging for chips, packaging lines are used.

The advantage of such equipment is that the client does not have to adapt only to one pack size and the volume of packaged products, because the equipment can be reconfigured, and the packaging parameters changed at any time.

What does the packaging say about the brand?

Product design reflects the positioning of the brand in the market. For example, banana chips labeled “100% natural” should probably be packaged using sustainable materials to build credibility. For meat chips of the premium segment, customized chip bags should not be of poor quality and cheap.

The design has a huge impact on brand identity. It should help increase awareness of the manufacturer, reflect a unique selling proposition, and stand out from competitors. The packaging speaks volumes about the personality of the brand. People appreciate them when they try for them. A book is judged by its cover. Packaging can say a lot about the attitude of a manufacturer towards its customers, and about the efforts invested in the development of a good product.


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