Master THIS Digital Marketing Method And The Rest Will Follow


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There are so many different digital marketing methods that it can feel incredibly overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Which is the most important? Should you start with the cheapest and work your way up? Is social media more valuable? Is email marketing dead?

If you are feeling a little out of your depth, give this article a read. We’re going to talk about the one digital marketing method that, if you can manage to master it, will make everything else fall into place.

Modern SEO

While many marketers may disagree, we firmly believe that if you can manage to master your SEO, all other digital marketing methods will become far easier to pick up.

Don’t believe us?

Then indulge us and we shall elaborate further.

Why is SEO the most important marketing method to master in 2023?

It’s very simple actually. Google recently introduced a new algorithm update called the “Helpful Content” or “People First Content” update.

In a nutshell, Google has realised that the internet is littered with poor quality content because most marketers are obsessed with pleasing the search engine – as opposed to pleasing the user.

In an attempt to turn this around, the new algorithm update essentially states that Google will actively reward any website that goes out of its way to provide superior, people-first content with a quality on-page experience.

So, why does that make SEO so important? How is that relevant to all other digital marketing methods?

It’s because it highlights the importance of putting the audience first.

When you forget about SEO and PPC and social media marketing and the desired outcomes (more money), and instead focus entirely on providing value for your target audience – everything changes. 

 How can you master SEO?

In truth, even the most established of SEO experts with decades in the industry is forever learning something new. That’s the nature of the business. However, the key to leveraging SEO successfully and getting the most out of your website is to simply put your audience first.

Yes, you need to tick all of the boxes, invest in your technical SEO, limit your redirects, tidy your URLs, speed up your page load time, and on and on it goes. However, when it comes to the content that you produce, if you do so with the intention of sharing awesome, free-value with your tribe, everything else really does start to fall into place.

  • Provide an awesome on-page experience:  You have to think of it from Google’s perspective. What is their aim? To provide a quality service for their users. And how do they do that? By recommending the most relevant pages with a positive on-page experience. If you focus on improving every aspect of your website to facilitate ease of navigation and information digestion, you will be rewarded for it.
  • Write game-changing and share-worthy content: Every piece of content that you produce must be excellent. It’s no longer about quantity (although it doesn’t hurt to produce lots of content if it’s good); it’s all about quality. Are you solving problems? Have you covered the subject in as much depth as possible? Are you providing industry-expert insights? Are you establishing yourself as a thought-leader? The more quality content you produce, the more likely you will be to obtain organic backlinks from other reputable websites that wish to share your content and cite you as the author.

How does SEO translate into all other digital marketing methods?

It all boils down to that one single mantra: “People first”.

  • When putting together an email marketing campaign, yes you want to make more money, but if your first priority is to add value to your audience’s lives, the rest will follow.  
  • When creating a social media marketing campaign, yes you want more followers, but if your first priority is to add value to your audience’s lives, the rest will follow.

Are you noticing a pattern? Because the same mantra can be applied to all of the digital marketing methods out there and once that becomes your number 1 priority, you will notice the results.

Yes, there are rules to follow and there is so much more to it than simply “providing genuine value”. But with a shift of attitude, you’d be amazed by what can be achieved for your online awareness.

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