The Biggest No No’s When Writing Sales Copy For Your Website

Email marketing is arguably the oldest form of digital marketing. It got started a staggering 45 years ago and revolutionised the way we promoted businesses and products forever. If you are wondering whether email marketing is still worth your time after all this time, the answer is a resounding yes.

Read on to learn more about email marketing and why it is still so relevant today…

 What is email marketing?

Email marketing, much like the name suggests, uses email to promote your business, products and services. You can directly contact customers and potential customers with all kinds of goals in mind. You can raise brand awareness, gain leads, drive traffic to your website and make sales.

Email has been around since long before the internet as we know it, and email marketing allows you to utilise this tool for your business outside of classic communication.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing has so many benefits for you and your business. Some of the main ones are:

  • It allows direct contact with your customers
  • You can tailor your content to specific audiences
  • You can improve on your brand recognition
  • You can engage with people for a variety of reasons including abandoned shopping carts and former customers
  • You can gather data
  • You can reach an impressive number of people
  • Around 70% of people prefer email for marketing
  • It allows for strong customer care
  • It is cost-effective
  • And many more…

Is email marketing still relevant?

While email marketing has a strong past, it is in no way a thing of the past. Email marketing is continuing to develop and grow with the times. It may no longer be as simple as sending someone a flyer – it will most likely be flagged as spam and never reach the intended recipient. That just means that you have to get smarter and use the expertise of the right SEO agency to plan your strategy.

Your email marketing strategy has to be tailored to your customers for a specific purpose. You won’t create the same email for a returning customer as for raising brand awareness, or for people in different locations with different needs.

Email marketing works incredibly well in conjunction with more modern digital marketing strategies like social media marketing. You can use one to help the other, and reach more customers in the ways that are most effective.

What kind of return can you expect with email marketing?

So now that we have established the effectiveness of email marketing, it is time for the big question. What kind of return will you get on your investment? Well, email marketing is relatively inexpensive, and is also one of the most effective types of marketing out there.

Statistics suggest that for every dollar that you spend, you can expect a return of $40 if you have the right strategy in place. Those aren’t numbers to sniff at.

So, is email marketing worth the investment?

As you can see, email marketing is more relevant today than ever, and looks like it will continue to trend that way for years to come. Between the impressive possible returns and the impact it can have on your business, there has never been a better time to invest in email marketing than today.


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